The 2016 Separations Division Award Winners have been announced! Please see the attached( for details.


Separations Division Graduate Student Research Award

Recognizes outstanding graduate students in adsorption and ion exchange, crystallization and evaporation, distillation and absorption, extraction, fluid-particle separations, membrane-based separations, and bioseparations.

SEP Founders Award

This award recognizes outstanding service to the Separations Division. The recipient must have a considerable record of service to the Separations Division and the separations area, performed above and beyond the expected duties, and participated extensively in a variety of division activities...

FRI/John G. Kunesh Award

This award is presented in memory of John G. Kunesh, past Separations Division Chairman and Technical Director of Fractionation Research, Inc. (FRI). His dedication to the distillation industry and service to those working in it serve as models for all those practicing engineering disciplines....

Clarence (Larry) G. Gerhold Award

Recognizes an individual's outstanding contribution in research, development, or in the application of chemical separations technology. Starting in 2010 the award will be presented in even years to nominees from industry or non academic entities, and in odd years to nominees from academia.