SEP Founders Award

This award recognizes outstanding service to the Separations Division. The recipient must have a considerable record of service to the Separations Division and the separations area, performed above and beyond the expected duties, and participated extensively in a variety of division activities with documented evidence of sustained service over an extended period of time.

May 1, 2018
Award Administrator(s): 

A check for $1,000, a plaque, and a complementary ticket to the Separations Division Awards Dinner at the AIChE Fall Annual Meeting.

The award is presented at the Separations Division Dinner held during the AIChE Annual Meeting.

Up to four supporting letters are required. To facilitate the review process, the preferred format for Nomination Packages is electronic, in ".pdf" format. If you wish to submit a Nomination Package in any other format, electronic or print, please contact the Separations Division. Send nominations to: and copy to

Nomination Form