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View technical content related to the Fuels & Petrochemicals Division here!

  • Conference Proceedings 

    The Conference Proceedings encompass AIChE's online database on Fuels & Petrochemicals Division Proceedings from past AIChE Meetings. As an F&PD member you can access the F&PD proceedings from any available year!

  • Videos 

    Fuels & Petrochemicals Division Members can find relevant research in Conference Presentations here! This includes conference presentations recorded at past AIChE Spring Meetings.

  • Webinars 

    As a member of the Fuels & Petrochemicals Division, you receive access to select AIChE Webinars chosen for the F&PD Professional! Don't miss out on these valuable resources!

  • CEP Articles (member only) 

    Fuels & Petrochemicals Division Members can find specially curated Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP) Article Collections here! Including features on Shale Gas, Gas Utilization, and Distillation & Separations. CEP Articles provide invaluable insight into the past and current trends affecting Fuels & Petrochemicals today and in the future.

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  • More on Fossil Fuels*

*Technical content available on AIChE website related to the listed topic is not necessarily included in membership. These lists encompass the full tagged catalog of AIChE content under the topic.