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Member Testimonials

"I’ve spent my entire career in the ethylene industry, and the AIChE, specifically F&PD, has been a key resource for both technical information as well as professional networking.  The Ethylene Producers’ Committee, the ethylene community within F&PD, has been globally recognized as the leading source for authoritative technical information in the industry for the past 30 years.  And the relationships developed over the years of my involvement in F&PD, EPC and the broader community of the AIChE have been professionally and personally satisfying, building a global network of professionals in both the industrial and academic communities."

Gregory E. Yeo, Chief Engineer, ExxonMobil Chemical, Global Technology

"F&PD has given me a network across the Fuels and Petrochemicals industry for me that breaks down barriers to technical experts outside my own company. It has also given me to chance to participate in annual community outreach to inspire the next generation of Chemical Engineers."

Meagan Lewis, Sr. Product Line Manager, Honeywell UOP

"F&PD has given me the opportunity to be more involved with AIChE and has provided me with so many additional leadership opportunities.  I have been able to be more involved with conferences and programming, which enrich, grow, and influence AIChE.  F&PD has expanded my professional network and connected me with many valuable members of the Chemical Engineering community.  F&PD and my link with AIChE have been so beneficial in enhancing my professional career."

Virginia Sommer, Process/Specialty Engineer, Fluor

"Being a member of F&PD has provided me continuous learning and a professional network that I would not be able to accomplish otherwise.  The technical programming at the F&PD sessions of the AIChE Spring Meeting and Annual Meeting are always topical to the current manufacturing industry.  This has allowed me to keep up with the changes in technology and markets which lead to new opportunities.  Attending and being an active participant in developing the programming of these conferences has allowed me to develop a network that is more than a name on a business card by collaborating with Chemical Engineers from other companies and business sectors.  This has allowed me to develop a network that is based on “working relationships” because we have worked as volunteers together to enhance benefits to F&PD members, and develop top-notch technical programming"

Ian Glasgow, Process Technologist, International Alliance Group

"The biggest benefit of me joining the F&PD was networking with engineers and professors who are close to the same interest of mine and my company in the large field of chemical engineering. ChE is a broad field including pharmaceutical, process development, statistical thermodynamics, fuels, nuclear, etc... Not all fields will be of direct interest to all members but some fields will be of a major impact. For me and my country, Fuels and Petrochemicals is the field. Through the F&PD I've gained vast benefit from engaging with engineers from design and construction companies and also from university professors working closely on resolving refining issues such as advanced process control.

Joining FPD made the road easier for me to engage more in all AIChE activities. My international experience and point of view was very welcome. I was offered to be session chair, then director and other positions. This even enhanced my self-confidence."

Ahmed S. Khogeer, Refining Specialist, Saudi Aramco

"After having HP available for my 37 years at Shell, followed by a 27 year retirement hiatus, I once again look forward to having it on my desk.  Congratulations; that was a great move by F&PD."

Emmett Miller, PE