Upcoming Events

2nd Natural Gas Utilization Workshop

Chemistry, Technology, and Deployment of Natural Gas based Chemicals, Fuels, and Energy Systems
Sunday, August 12-14, 2018, 6:00pm CDT
Posted by Cody Hirashima
AIChE’s Center for Energy Initiatives (CEI) is hosting a consensus-building workshop on Aug. 12-14, 2018 in College Station, TX. This workshop brings together leaders in downstream natural gas conversion across industry, academia and government to discuss various perspectives on hurdles to technology implementation. Topics will focus on novel advances in natural gas conversion. The goal of each session will be to call out high potential leads that have emerged or may emerge in each area along with key enablers to facilitate continued progress.Read more

63rd Annual Safety in Ammonia Plants and Related Facilities Symposium

Sunday, September 16-20, 2018, 12:00pm EDT
Posted by Cody Hirashima
A century of ammonia synthesis technology - with an emphasis on continual progress in ammonia plant safety - is the theme of AIChE’s 63rd Annual Safety in Ammonia Plants and Related Facilities Symposium. Experts from around the world will discuss the latest advances related to the safe production and use of ammonia, case studies, and lessons learned.Read more

6th CCPS China Conference on Process Safety

Tuesday, September 25-27, 2018, 12:00pm CST
Posted by Cody Hirashima
Presented by the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) and China University of Petroleum. This conference aim to bring together more than 300 professionals, government, and academics in China to share advancements in process safety. The conference will be conducted via English and Chinese with simultaneous translation.Read more

10th AIChE Southwest Process Technology Conference

Tuesday, October 9-10, 2018, 12:30pm CDT
Posted by Cody Hirashima
The South Texas Section of the AIChE, in partnership with AIChE HQ, is hosting its Tenth Annual Southwest Regional Process Technology Conference. This conference highlights 8 core programming areas of chemical engineering, and 2 keynote addresses.Read more

2018 AIChE Annual Meeting

AIChE + Chemical Engineering: Today, Tomorrow & Leading the Future
Sunday, October 28 - November 2, 2018, 12:30pm EDT
Posted by Cody Hirashima
The AIChE Annual Meeting is the premier educational forum for chemical engineers interested in innovation and professional growth. Academic and industry experts will cover wide range of topics relevant to cutting-edge research, new technologies, and emerging growth areas in chemical engineering.Read more

Past Events

2018 Process Development Symposium

Applying New Technologies in Process Development
Tuesday, June 5-7, 2018, 12:30pm CDT
Posted by Cody Hirashima
The 2018 Process Development Symposium (PDS) is a place to exchange wisdom, knowledge, tips, and personal experiences in the development and scale-up of chemical and related processes. PDS provides an opportunity for process development professionals from all across the country to discuss their experiences with novel and innovative technologies to trigger radical changes in next-generation processes development and operations. This symposium, planned jointly between AIChE and its Process Development Division, is held annually in early June. This year’s symposium will take place in Oak Brook, IL on June 5-7.Read more

2018 Spring Meeting and 14th Global Congress on Process Safety

Sunday, April 22-26, 2018, 8:00am EDT
Posted by Cody Hirashima
The AIChE Spring Meeting is the year’s key technical conference for practicing chemical engineers. A wide range of subjects relevant to the current needs of industry is covered. Plus, GCPS covers the critical needs of process safety practitioners more broadly and deeply than any other conference. Spring will be held in Orlando, in conjunction with the 8th World Congress on Particle Technology.Read more

April STS-AIChE Dinner Meeting

Thursday, April 5, 2018, 3:30pm-10:00pm CDT
Posted by Cody Hirashima
The April STS-AIChE meeting will be held on April 5, 2018 at Shafaii Hall and Garden, 1622 Federal Rd #30, Houston, TX 77015. The dinner presentation topic is “Trends in LNG – Bigger isn’t always better” and our dinner speaker will be Vinod Rajkumar, currently the Manager of LNG Product Development Center at Bechtel.Read more