Sustainability and CO2

Posted by Brian Coats on
I have been researching (and disproving) the co2 emissions (greenhouse gas) global warming theory in many discussions in the SPE technical sections in the last several years, starting in the Carbon Capture, Usage, and Sequestration (CCUS) group. Our company develops the most complex simulation...Read more

2017 AIChE Spring Meeting F&PD Keynote

Posted by Cody Hirashima on
Did you miss out on the 2017 AIChE Spring Meeting F&PD Keynote featuring Claire Cagnolatti? Catch up on the featured speaker for the Fuels & Petrochemicals Division and don't overlook these energy industry trends and insights!Read more

NPSHA Calculation

Posted by Cody Hirashima on
This desktop application allows the calculation of net positive suction head available (NPSHA) for a centrifugal pump in either SI or US Customary Units. The user is required to input the necessary fluid properties as well as suction pipe parameters. The user must also select the appropriate piping configuration out of the four provided (the default is: open tank positioned above pump suction port). The user may also simulate NPSHA over a given range of flow rate at constant fluid properties. The results generated can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further manipulation and documentation.Read more