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Other resources

As part of its mission to disseminate the best resources in chemical engineering education available, the Division offers these links to other websites.


ASEE Chemical Engineering Division

The ASEE ChED collaborates with this Division to promote excellence in teaching chemical engineering

Chemical Engineering Education

This journal is published by ASEE ChED in conjunction with AIChE

AIChE Education Division Concept Warehouse

This resource enables instructors to utilize research-based best practices in teaching concepts with ease.

ASEE Summer School for ChE Faculty

This quinquennial event (every 5 years) for ChE instructors fills in the professional development gaps common amongst newer faculty with an emphasis on teaching.

Computer Aids for Chemical Engineers (CACHE)

A non-profit group focusing on the development and distribution of computer-related and/or technology-based educational aids for the chemical engineering profession. Teaching resources including web pages for most core chemical engineering courses may be of interest.