September 2017 EdDiv Announcements

1. Programming Spotlight & Annual Meeting Info
2. AIChE EdDiv Survey Request: UO Lab
3. CACHE Teaching Resources
4. Industrial Chemical Technology Online Course Materials
5. Instructions for submitting EdDiv announcements
We have a great Education Division Program planned for the 2017 AIChE Annual Meeting in Minneapolis! The division is offering over 20 fantastic sessions: titles, times, and more details available here.
We will have six great workshops; please plan on attending one or many! More information is included in the links below:
Sunday workshops:
Wednesday workshops:
The Annual Meeting’s early registration deadline is September 18th. Don’t forget to add the Education Division awards banquet to your registration ($65, 7pm Tuesday night at Cafe Lurcat).
We hope to see you there!
The AIChE Education Division Survey Committee seeks to compile and share useful information about the state of the chemical engineering curriculum.  This year, we want to capture the current state of Unit Operations Laboratory (and other similar laboratory-based courses). We would be very grateful if you or a member of your department who is familiar with the laboratory content and curriculum would complete this survey.  The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete and asks about experiment types, course outcomes, and course approach for UO Lab/similar courses.  
To complete the survey, please follow this link:
We would appreciate having your responses by September 20, 2017
Our 2016/17 survey, on the chemical engineering curriculum as a whole, was written up for the ASEE Conference and is available for download here:
A complimentary project considering course offerings at all US ABET accredited institutions was conducted by Voronov, Basra, Obuskovic, Simon, Barat, and Bilgili and published in Education for Chemical Engineers:
Margot Vigeant, Chair, AIChE EdDiv Survey Committee, Bucknell University
Jennifer Cole, Northwestern University
Kevin Dahm, Rowan University
Laura Ford, University of Tulsa
Kevin Hadley, South Dakota School of Mines
Lucas Landherr, Northeastern University
David Silverstein, University of Kentucky
The Teaching Resources section ( of the CACHE (Computer Aids for Chemical Engineering) web site was recently completely redesigned and updated.  The links are current, recent developments have been incorporated, and essentially all the pages are organized in a similar format. These pages would be excellent starting points for teaching up-to-date courses. They can lessen the time needed for course preparation, help improve teaching, and help incorporate more computer-based methods into course. The Teaching Resources are organized mostly by courses, and resources are available for seventeen courses/topics. These resources include syllabi, schedules, computer-aided tools, interactive simulations, screencasts, concept questions, textbook information, useful links, and in some cases, complete course notes.
Dr. Jeff Siirola's on-line course on "Industrial Chemical Technology" is now available at:
These lectures on derive from Jeff's four decade career at Eastman Chemicals as well as his educational experiences and interactions with Purdue, Carnegie Mellon University and other universities. The course is a set of 10 videos (total 28 hours) and it continues an unparalleled and comprehensive wealth of information on chemical processes, as well as process evaluation and process synthesis and conceptual process design. Lecture topics include:
  • Processes for manufacture of basic chemicals and fuels,
  • Processes for polymer and specialty and fine chemicals,
  • Synergy of energy, environment and economics, and
  • Impact of shale oil and shale gas feedstocks on the chemical industry.
The material is accessible to a broad audience including all chemical engineering undergraduates, and is an essential complement to their process engineering courses.
To submit an EdDiv announcement, please prepare a maximum of a 2-3 paragraph description including any relevant URLs and contact information as well as a subject line. Do not include any attachments. Email this information to Katie Cadwell <> with the email heading “For EdDiv Announcements.” Announcements will be sent out near the beginning of each month.  Each announcement will be included once, unless otherwise requested. Announcements will also be recorded on the Division website: .