March 2018 EdDiv Announcements


1. Join the Upcoming EdDiv Webinar on Game-Based Learning

2. Resource: Graduate Chemical Engineering Bridging Course

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Join the next EdDiv webinar hosted through AIChE on Tuesday, March 13, 2:00-3:00pm EST, and free to all EdDiv members!

Presenters Daniel Burkey (University of Connecticut), Cheryl Bodnar (Rowan University), and Daniel Anastasio (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology) will present on “Our Engineer is in Another Castle: Getting Started with Game-Based Learning.”

Interest in game-based learning has surged in popular culture recently, and takes various forms, from the use of gamification to enhance exercise routines or company loyalty brands, to incorporation of competition within organizations to encourage employee training. A question that many individuals have is can game-based learning really be beneficial in a college classroom?  Or more specifically, are games more than just fun?  


This webinar will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about different approaches to game-based learning that have been used in engineering education. We will discuss classroom based games, such as cards, dice, trivia, as well as digital games and classroom gamification strategies.  We will also share best practices surrounding the use of games and key insights that have been gained by the presenters based upon their own research into game-based learning. When you leave you will have a deeper understanding for the power behind game-based learning and why these activities, although fun in the classroom, will allow your students to not only be engaged but learn at the same time.


Please register for this webinar at the following link:

The recording of this webinar will also be posted to the AIChE Academy and remain free for all EdDiv members.




Chemical engineering graduate programs often receive applications from students whose undergraduate degree is in chemistry, physics, biology, or another engineering discipline. Often these are excellent students with undergraduate research or work experience, but their lack of chemical engineering background can present challenges in their successful acceptance to and progress in a chemical engineering graduate program.  Some students are asked to take several chemical engineering undergraduate courses as prerequisites to prepare them for graduate work. 


As an alternative, NC State has developed an online chemical engineering bridging course, which is a two-semester course designed to prepare students with backgrounds in chemistry, biology and other non-chemical engineering fields for graduate study in chemical engineering. Although it is not equivalent to a four-year degree in chemical engineering, the course aims to furnish students with sufficient background to successfully undertake graduate classes offered by a chemical engineering program. This course will also provide a suitable option for engineers and scientists who desire understanding of core chemical engineering concepts.


Using information technology and multimedia tools, short modules have been designed which incorporate a variety of synchronized multimedia features including text, graphics, sound, short videos, and the ability to annotate presentations and examples with sketches and text. Students will be able to communicate and discuss their ideas and problems using live and archived group chat-room applications to practice working in an interactive group work environment with other students and the course instructor.


The courses, Core ChE Concepts: I and II, will be offered starting in fall 2018 (Course I) and spring 2019 (Course II) through NC State’s Engineering Online Program. If you have applicants to your graduate programs with non-chemical engineering backgrounds, or inquiries from prospective graduate students with non-chemical engineering backgrounds, please share this information with them.  For additional information or to register, go to or contact Dr. Lisa Bullard at



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