The Education Division promotes the education of chemical engineers as it pertains to educational research, scholarly teaching, and applications to include the broader endeavors which encompass education, such as those which are part of the Division's programming commitment.

The objectives of the Division are to:

  • Provide a focal point for members with interests in educational methods and their assessment, the scholarship of education including both practice and theory and outreach activities regarding chemical engineering education
  • Recognize educational achievements of AIChE members through awards and honor
  • Encourage chemical engineering educators to strengthen their own learning in the field of engineering education and on the development of appropriate curricular material focused for the ever-diversifying field of chemical engineering.
  • Provide a high-profile home for programming and activities related to educational research and teaching within the chemical engineering community performed by Institute members
  • Encourage, through programming and other activities, the training of chemical engineering graduate students in chemical engineering educational methods

The division is governed by its bylaws and its board.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why have an Education Division in AIChE?

A: This Division enables the membership of AIChE to engage in a broader range of activities supporting chemical engineering education than a programming group can on its own. Look for a number of initiatives in the near future that support the strategic plan of AIChE and the needs of the membership in programming and beyond.

Q: How can I get involved?

A: Contact one of the Board Members, or come to the Business Meeting scheduled for the Wednesday lunch hour of the AIChE Annual Meeting. We're always looking for enthusiastic folks to become active contributors.