Programming Entities












Division, Forum, or Area


1 Engineering Sciences and Fundamentals  
1A Thermodynamics and Transport Properties  
1C Interfacial Phenomena  
1D Transport Processes  
1E Electrochemical Fundamentals  
1F High Pressure  
1J Fluid Mechanics  
2 Separations Division SEP
2A Distillation and Absorption  
2B Crystallization and Evaporation  
2C Extractions  
2D Membrane-Based Separations  
2E Adsorption and Ion Exchange  
2F Fluid-Particle Separations  
2G Bio Separations  
2H General Topics and Other Methods  
3 Particle Technology Forum PTF
3A Particle Production and Characterization  
3B Fluidization and Fluid-Particle Systems  
3C Solids Flow, Handling and Processing  
3D Nanoparticles  
3E Energetics  
4 Education Division EDU
4A Undergraduate Education  
4B Graduate Education  
4G Professional Development Committee Liaison  
4I Student Chapters Committee Liaison  
4K Department Heads Forum  
4M Young Faculty Forum  
5 Management Division MGT
5A Professional Development  
5B Marketing Section  
5C Entrepreneurial Forum  
6 North American Mixing Forum NAMF
7 Transport and Energy Processes TEP
8 Materials Engineering and Sciences Division MESD
8A Polymers  
8B Biomaterials  
8D Inorganic Materials  
8E Electronics and Photonics  
8F Composites  
9 Environmental Division ENV
9A Air  
9B Water  
9C Solid and Hazardous Waste  
9D Process Development  
9E Legislation and Regulation  
9F Fundamentals  
9G Sustainability  
9H Climate Change  
10 Computing and Systems Technology Division CAST
10A Systems and Process Design  
10B Systems and Process Control  
10C Computers in Operations and Information Processing  
10D Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis  
10E Data and Information Systems  
11 Safety and Health Division S&H
11B Safety & Health Division  
12 Process Development Division PDD
12A Process Research and Innovation  
12B Pilot Plants  
12C Technology Transfer and Manufacturing  
12E Process Intensification & Microprocess Engineering  
12G Product Design  
14 Nuclear Engineering Division NED
15 Food, Pharmaceutical & Bioengineering Division FPBD
15A Food  
15B Pharmaceuticals  
15C Bioengineering  
15D Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science  
16 Fuels and Petrochemicals Division F&PD
16D Alternate Fuels and New Technology  
17 Forest and Plant Bioproducts Division FBP
20 Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division CRE
21 Computational Molecular Science and Engineering Forum CoMSEF
22 Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum NSEF
22A Carbon Nanomaterials  
22B Bionanotechnology  
23 Sustainable Engineering Forum SEF
23A General  
23B Sustainable Biorefineries  
23C Sustainable Energy  
24 Chemical Engineering & the Law Forum CELF
25 Upstream Engineering and Flow Assurance Forum UEFA
26 Pharmaceutical Discovery, Development and Manufacturing Forum PD2M