Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division (CRE)

Focusing on applications to catalysis and reaction engineering.

AIChE members with interests in catalysis, industrial and engineering chemistry, fuel chemistry and petroleum should join the CRE division. In addition to developing the technical program for AIChE's national meetings, the division serves as an information exchange for knowledge of technical publications, computer programs, databases, catalysis and reaction engineering research centers, networks and programs.

CRE encourages chemical engineering educators to highlight and develop appropriate curricular material, as well as foster research and development in this area.

2019 CRE Division Election Results   

Please join in congratulating the winners of the recent CRE Division elections.

The newly elected officers and directors are as follows:

2nd Vice Chair: Randall Meyer

Directors: Rebecca Fushimi, Chris Paolucci, Sheima J. Khatib

Appointment of International and Executive Directors:

In addition to the recently elected directors, the executive committee has re-appointed Marc-Olivier Coppens as the International Director for the CRE Division and Concetta La Marca as Executive Director.

Selection of Student Directors:

To further the connection with the CRE division to the needs of our student members and young professionals, Deeksha Jain and Valentina Omoze Igenegbai have been named as Student Directors for 2019 to the CRE Division Board.

We would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude to Bob McCabe (exiting Past-Chair) as well as Anne Gaffney, Raj Gounder, and Lin Luo (exiting Directors) for their service to the Division over the last several years.

The AIChE CRE Division 2019 Leadership Team:

Division Chair: Kurt Vanden Bussche

Vice Chair: Eranda Nikolla

2nd Vice-Chair: Randall Meyer

Past-Chair: Lars Grabow

Secretary/Treasurer: Billy Bardin

Programming Chair: Ryan Hartman

Executive Director: Concetta La Marca

International Director: Marc-Olivier Coppens

Directors: Michael Timko, Elizabeth Biddinger, Jesse Bond, Rachel Getman, Bihter Padak, David West, Rebecca Fushimi, Chris Paolucci, Sheima J. Khatib

Student Directors: Deeksha Jain, Valentina Omoze Igenegbai