Program Committee

The Program Committee (PC) is responsible for organizing and conducting the AIChE Annual and Spring Meetings, as well as other workshops, symposia and conferences of the Institute. The committee is also responsible for coordinating with other technical societies in respect to joint meetings.

Executive Board of the Program Committee

The Executive Board of the AIChE Program Committee (EBPC) works in collaboration with the Chemical Engineering Technology Operating Council (CTOC) and the Research & New Technology Committee (RANTC). 

The EBPC establishes policy and practice with respect to meetings and makes appointments to key positions. These positions include the Annual and Spring Meeting Program Chairs and General Arrangements Chairs. The EBPC carries out long-range planning for meetings, sets up and maintains channels of communication within the AIChE Program Committee. The EBPC includes leaders from the Young Professionals and Student Conference organizers to ensure consistent program content useful to all AIChE members.

EBPC Members at the 2015 AIChE Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT
November 2015

Pictured Above:

From left to right: Bond Calloway (Director, Savannah River National Laboratory), Kelsey Kettelhut (Program Development, AIChE), Frank van Lier (CTOC Chair, Lubrizol), Seyi Odueyungbo (Chevron Energy Technology Company), Kristine Chin (Conferences, AIChE), Ian Glasgow (Member, Wood Group Mustang), Dave Thompson (Director, Idaho National Laboratory), Tim Olsen (Director, Emerson Process Management), Winston Ho (Chair, The Ohio State University), Mark Stadtherr (Publications Committee Liaison,University of Notre Dame), JoAnn Lighty (2015 Annual Meeting Program Chair, University of Utah), Lin Li (2016 Annual Co-Meeting Program Chair, Chevron), Milind Deo (2015 Annual Co-Meeting Program Chair, University of Utah), Jim Hill (Fellows’ Liaison, Iowa State University),Giselle Schlegel (Young Professionals Committee, Laporte Consultants), Anju Gupta (Young Professionals Committee, Rochester Institute of Technology), Mike Tallman (2016 Spring Meeting Program Chair, KBR), Meagan Lewis (AIChE Board of Directors, UOP, a Honeywell Company), Greg Yeo (1st Vice Chair, ExxonMobil), Owen Jappen (Young Professionals Committee, Evonik), Alon McCormick (CTOC Liaison, University of Minnesota), Gina Gatto (Program Development, AIChE), Christine Hrenya (2016 Annual Meeting Program Chair, University of Colorado, Boulder), Stéphanie Orvoine-Couvrette (Program Development, AIChE), Bob Parker (Director, University of Pittsburgh), Vince Grassi (Immediate Past Chair, Lehigh University)