Program Committee Manual

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ByLaws Appendices

The Program Committee Manual serves to define the purpose, structure, policies and procedures for operation of the Program Committee.  Policies described in the Manual are  applicable to all programming functions in order to maintain quality and consistency across all program areas.  If you are in a new role with the Program Committee, you will find this manual a useful overview and further reference to help you in this role. 

Sections 1 through 6 constitute the bylaws of the Program Committee, governing the structure, function, and roles of the Program Committee and the Executive Board of the Program Committee. 

Policies and procedures governing programming functions are included as a series of appenices to the Manual.  The policies and procedures described in the appendices are to be applied across all programming entities.

Key Appendices include:

  • History of the Programming Committee
  • Guidelines and requirements for administration of programming entities, including recommendations for structure and by-laws.
  • Policies governing the Institute Lecture, presented each year at the Annual Meeting of the Institute.
  • General administrative policies, including:
    • ​Prohibition of overtly "commercial" papers
    • Treatment of company sponsored events
    • Avoidance of competitive meetings
    • Number of papers presented by a single author
    • Conference publications
    • Payment of Registration Fee
    • Naming of events
    • Open-to-the-public concept
    • Site selection for meetings 
    • Unopposed events at Annual and Spring meetings
  • Policy for Presentation Records, describing the requirements for papers to be submitted with conference presentations.
  • Policy for Allocation of Sessions to programming groups,
  • Policy for Co-sponsorship of Meetings with other entities.
  • Policies governing the major Programming awards, including the George Lappin National Program Committee Award and the Herbie Epstein Award.
  • Guidelines for development of Topical Conferences at the Annual and Spring Meetings.
  • Goals for the Annual Programming Retreat, held each year at the Spring Meeting.