Purpose of the AIChE Program Committee of AIChE

The function and purpose of the AIChE Program Committee of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers is to oversee the content and maintain the highest quality programming of AIChE's technical and professional meetings.  The purpose of these technical and professional meetings is to share knowledge and to promote networking among professionals.

1. Summary 2. Organization of the AIChE Program Committee 3. Group and Area Program Committees

4. Ad hoc Meeting Program and General Arrangements Committees

5. The Executive Board

6. Implementation

    3.1 Description 4.1 Description 5.1 Functions of the EBPC 6.1 Bylaws of the PC
    3.2 Programming by Divisions, Forums, and AIChE Committees 4.2 Appointment of members 5.2 Membership of the EBPC 6.2 Policies and procedures
    3.3 Establishment of Groups and Areas   5.3 Responsibilities of the members  
        5.4 EBPC Meetings  

1.  Summary

The AIChE Program Committee (PC) of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) is responsible for organizing and conducting all AIChE Spring, Annual, and Special meetings of the Institute (with exception of those conducted by AIChE Industrial Technology Groups, such as the Society for Biological Engineering, the Institute for Sustainability, and the Center for Chemical Process Safety) and for coordinating jointly sponsored meetings with other technical societies. The PC works with the Director of Program Development, the Director of Meetings, and other staff members of the Institute.

Procedures and policies followed by the PC in planning and carrying out its meetings and in long-range planning are described in the Appendix.

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