Featured LGBTQ ChemE Professionals

By John Vasko on

As part of its continuing efforts in diversity and inclusion, ChEnected is publishing this series focused on LGBTQ chemical engineers. Other related efforts include Safe Zone Workshops, which were held at the 2015 Spring Meeting and the 2016 Annual Meeting and accompanied by a leadership reception for LGBTQ members and allies. All aforementioned initiatives are supported by the AIChE Foundation's Doing a World of Good Campaign.

Interested in helping?

Are you an LGBTQ chemical engineer and AIChE member interested in sharing your story to help create awareness around diversity and inclusion? Are you an LGBTQ ally interested in helping with diversity and inclusion efforts? Send us a note at chenected@aiche.org with the subject "Diversity and Inclusion."

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Also, we're looking for people interested in joining a new community for LGBTQ+ & Allies. Check it out.