2nd Competitive Energy Systems Symposium | AIChE

In the context of the ongoing energy transition and the societal need to manage carbon, transformative science and technologies are needed. In this conference, we will discuss the design of environmentally and economically competitive energy and resource processes, the evolving role of subsurface and above-ground engineering for a sustainable future, and advancements in the science underlying carbon management strategies. The conference addresses the role of advanced transport, separations, reaction engineering, process and systems science in the context of developing low-carbon energy carriers and harnessing renewable energy resources for meeting our commodity needs.

CES 2021 promises to establish a new, diverse network of technology developers that will change the traditional paradigm for energy generation and use – a necessary step as we seek to meet aggressive goals for carbon reduction.
Shannon Bragg-Sitton, Conference Chair


Clean energy is a global transition that requires investment in science and engineering for carbon neutrality. The Competitive Energy Systems Symposia will dive into the challenges associated with carbon management which will showcase diverse research and development in systems to achieve sustainability.
Michelle K. Kidder, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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