Greeshma Gadikota | AIChE

Greeshma Gadikota

Assistant Professor
Cornell University

Dr. Greeshma Gadikota is an Assistant Professor and Croll Sesquicentennial Fellow in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University where she directs the Sustainable Energy and Resource Recovery Group. She is the recipient of the DOE CAREER award and serves as the thrust lead for dynamic characterization for the DOE EFRC Multi-Scale Fluid-Solid Interactions in Natural and Architected Materials (MUSE). She was selected as the Rising Stars in Civil and Environmental Engineering by MIT. Prior to Cornell, Dr. Gadikota served on the faculty at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and was a postdoctoral research associate at Princeton University and Columbia University, with a research appointment at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). Dr. Gadikota received her PhD in Chemical Engineering and earned her MS degrees in Chemical Engineering and Operations Research, all from Columbia University. Her BS in Chemical Engineering is from Michigan State University.

Dr. Gadikota studies multi-scale reaction kinetics by connecting nano- and meso-scale measurements with process-scale developments and field-scale observations using advanced synchrotron characterization methods, computational tools, and laboratory scale reaction systems. Key areas of interest include developing natural and engineered materials for acid gas storage and CH4 recovery, advanced carbonate and clay chemistry and morphology, tracers for gas migration, drilling fluids, recovery of high value materials from low value substrates, and functionalization of materials for sustainable energy and resource recovery coupled with integration with the built environment.