(115a) Pool Fire Protection for Tanks & Vessels | AIChE

(115a) Pool Fire Protection for Tanks & Vessels


Arora, G. - Presenter, Bechtel OIL GAS AND CHEMICALS INC
Thuraiswamy, J. B., Bechtel Energy, Inc.
Fires on tanks and pressure vessels are a safety and environmental issue for petrochemical facilities. Although there are commonalities for fire considerations between tanks and vessels, there are specific differences particularly for fire protection. This paper will provide an overview of the fire scenario for tanks and vessels. It will start by introducing the definition of a flammable material, types of fires and deflagrations, and the existence of a pool fire potential. The various models for fire heat input, dependent on the fire severity and tank / vessel size will be explained. The heat input will determine the amount of vapor relief rate that could potentially overpressure the tank / vessel. The paper will conclude with the broad subject of fire protection. Types of protection will be outlined. The differences in overpressure relief devices between tanks and vessels will be presented. Includes will be sizing of devices and disposal options.


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