Many of our events are recorded and published on AIChE's ChemE On Demand platform. These recordings can be viewed at your convenience. Recent recordings of VLS events are listed below.

Entrepreneurship for Engineers: Idea to Reality (July, 2014)

Dennis Baranik (COO) and Dr. Heather Byrne (Research Director) of Carbonxt, a startup producer of advanced activated carbons for environmental separations discussed the innovation, leadership, and passion required to start a technical enterprise.  The talk will include whether entrepreneurship is right for you, how to get started, and avoiding common pitfalls of entrepreneurship.

VLS Leaders win the BOD Gary Leach Award

The Gary Leach award was awarded to the initial leadership Team of the Virtual Local Section.  Watch a video of the Gary Leach Award presentation.

Congratulations to Dan Lambert, Amanda Robben, Neil Yeoman, Laura Gimpelson, Dave Eckhardt, Bill Doumas, George Huttick, Noah Meeks, Kathy Harris, and Gwen Higgins.

Green Chemistry and Materials

Archived Webinar
Apr 24, 2014
Many advanced composite materials use hazardous chemicals in the adhesive resin and use inorganic fibers for strength. A typical composite like...

Young Professionals and AIChE

Archived Webinar
Mar 27, 2014
Whether you are a recent graduate looking to get involved or your AIChE communities are struggling without new interest, you will appreciate the...

Humor That Works

Archived Webinar
Jan 23, 2014
Engineers strive for efficiency and effectiveness. Sadly, humans aren’t always either one. Luckily we have a tool to help us get the most out of...

VLS: AIChE Presidential Candidates Meetup

Archived Webinar
Jun 27, 2013
The Virtual Local Section hosted the 2014 AIChE President-Elect Candidates, Cheryl I. Teich and Philip W. Winkler, to discuss their vision for AIChE...

VLS: Great Inventions That Changed The World

Archived Webinar
Mar 28, 2013
You will not only learn about inventions and inventors, but also the impact they have had on our lives and the society and environment in which we...

AIChE Professional Support – Career Services

Archived Webinar
Feb 23, 2012
Whether you are getting ready to graduate with your chemical engineering degree, you are currently unemployed, or you are looking for a new technical...