Virtual Local Section

The Virtual Section functions much as any local section does, we hold monthly meetings to encourage the professional growth of chemical engineers, we provide opportunity for networking with meeting attendees, and we serve our local communities, states, country and world using our hands, heads and hearts. The virtual section isn't limited by geography so geographically isolated ChEs can be supported. But there are some differences that make us unique... Read more about us, join the VLS and follow us on LinkedIn & Facebook.

Recent Events

Co-op and Summer Internship Presentation Competition

Presented by the Virtual Local Section
Thursday, September 24, 2015, 9:00pm EDT
Posted by Amanda Scalza
Did you enjoy your time as an industrial intern or co-op, and work on a unique or exciting project? Enter the Virtual AIChE Presentation Contest for a chance to share your experience, practice your presentation skills and win great awards! Participants must meet the following qualifications:...Read more

Student Competion Live Broadcast

Thursday, September 24, 2015, 9:00pm EDT
Posted by Amanda Scalza
6 Students will have a maximum 10 minutes to present their industrial experience, demonstrate its application to chemical engineering and have a chance to win awards Sean Bittner of Auburn University , intern for SABIC Innovative Plastics Mark Carrington of Stanford University intern at PCS...Read more

Recent Activity

How do I find a mentor?

Posted by Yung Chi Cho on
Hi I'm a recent grad and I have been looking for job and doing a lot of thinking. How can I find a mentor and discuss my thought? -DanMore