Build COMSOL Multiphysics® Simulation Apps for Chemical Engineers

Archived Webinar
Oct 13, 2016
Are you a chemical engineer looking to create and deploy simulation apps? If so, this webinar is for you. You will learn how to define and set up models in the Chemical Reaction Engineering Module in COMSOL Multiphysics® and see how to create an app from an existing simulation. With apps, which are...

The Nature of Ammonium Nitrate Decomposition and Explosions

Conference Presentation
AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
March 27, 2017
Ammonium nitrate explosions can cause significant destruction as shown with examples in West, Texas (2013) and Tianjin, China (2015). Yet, ammonium...

La Educacion EN Seguridad De Procesos

Conference Presentation
AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
April 11, 2016
LA EDUCACION EN SEGURIDAD DE PROCESOS Karina Isabel Peñaflor 1 , 1 Pan American Energy LLC Alem 1180 - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires Buenos Aires...

Making Process Safety Personal - Engaging the Front Line

Conference Presentation
AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
April 11, 2016
The front line is instrumental in implementing process safety, Yet they are rarely engaged in meaningful process safety discussions. We tend to...

The Future of the Lecture

Conference Presentation
AIChE Annual Meeting
November 19, 2014
The university is one of the oldest social institutions in our society, rivaled only by the church. However, many universities now are under...

Fundamentals of Model Based Loop Tuning

Conference Presentation
AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
April 29, 2013
There are many methods to tune PID controllers. This presentation provides a tutorial on tuning PID process controllers using Internal Model Control...

Houston Process Safety Faculty Workshop

November 20, 2017

AIChE’s Center for Chemical Process Safety will present a chemical engineering faculty workshop sponsored by LyondellBasell in Houston on January 8-11, 2018.

Preparing Chemical Engineering Students for Industry

Critical Issues
Joseph Alford, Thomas F. Edgar
Many chemical engineering courses do not reflect current practices in the chemical process industries (CPI). How should the core curriculum change to better align undergraduate training with industry needs?

Ed Cussler: Doing a World of Good

In the second episode of the Foundation’s Doing a World of Good podcast features Ed Cussler, Distinguished Institute professor at the University of Minnesota. Listen on the Giving site or subscribe in iTunes.

Together, we are changing the world.

In this episode of the Foundation’s Doing a World of Good podcast, you'll meet Frances Arnold who talks about her work in directed evolution. Listen on the Giving site or subscribe in iTunes.

Cato Laurencin: Doing a World of Good

In this episode of the Foundation’s Doing a World of Good podcast, you'll meet Cato Laurencin who talks about his work in regenerative engineering. Listen on the Giving site or subscribe in iTunes.

AIChE Journal Highlight: The Importance of Teaching Engineers Professional Skills

Journal Highlight
Although technical ability is typically the primary focus of chemical engineering education, professional skills — such as communication, teamwork, ethical behavior, and time management — are often more important in an engineer’s career, Phil Wankat of Purdue Univ. says in the July AIChE Journal Perspective article, “Teaching Professional Skills.”

Free Faculty Process Safety Workshops

June 6, 2017

In recognition of the work that academic faculty do to prepare the next generation of chemical engineers, AIChE is partnering with industry leaders to provide free faculty workshops in process safe

ChemE Miles C. Barr Given Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for His Solar Innovation

March 8, 2012

Miles C. Barr, who recently received his PhD in chemical engineering from MIT, has just been awarded the prestigious $30,000 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for developing an innovative solar technology. His innovation is a new way to print solar cells directly onto a variety of surfaces, such as paper.

Dow Solutionists in School

June 4, 2012

The Dow Solutionists in School program was created to spark innovation in students. Check out what Dow is doing to fuel interest in chemistry and the sciences.

Podcast Series Speaks to Top Chemical Engineers

December 21, 2016

As part of AIChE's Doing a World of Good campaign, we recently interviewed three prominent chemical engineers to discuss various aspects of their careers, including some of their personal achieveme

AIChE Journal Highlight: Use these Tools to Ease into Active Learning

Journal Highlight
Numerous studies have demonstrated that active learning in the classroom is a more effective teaching method than the traditional lecture; this is true even when only a fraction of class time is devoted to active learning. Studies also show that...

Why Not South Africa?

October 15, 2012

Sometimes my job takes me to unexpected places. A few weeks ago, I flew to South Africa to attend the South African Conference for Chemical Engineers, give a talk on chemical engineering education in the U.S., and meet with the World Chemical Engineering Council.

How ChE Prepared Me for Business (and How It Didn’t): Finance

July 5, 2011

Most engineers I knew in my MBA program went into finance. It’s not too surprising: you need to be analytical and highly skilled in Excel. Our academic cousins in Physics were applying differential equations at Long Term Capital Management (the case study for “math gone wrong”) and prior to the housing crisis Wall Street was even hiring engineers without their MBAs (article). But there is a difference between finance for the Street and the finance used to drive operations. We’ll focus on the latter and how it ties into our fundamental building block for ChE: The Material & Energy Balance.

Ethics and the Chemical Engineer

December 12, 2013

What do future chemical engineering leaders know about ethics? Ethics and safety have become a major part of the chemical engineering profession.

Three Wikipedias?

February 21, 2011

It really bothers me when I see engineering students working on homework that rely upon computer-based references for equations.

Self-Taught Sixteen-Year-Old Inventor Wows MIT

November 30, 2012

Leaving Sierra Leone for the first time, 16-year-old Kelvin Doe flew to the US to participate in MIT's fabled practitioner's program, where he demo-ed his soldered and duct-taped radio hardware to admiring undergrads.

MBA the ChemE Way

May 22, 2013

Considering an MBA? “MBA the ChemE Way” session in San Antonio gave a quick snapshot into planning and applying to business schools, a look into core classes every MBA takes, and some words from experienced MBAs.

Can We Teach Ourselves? Sugata Mitra and Minimally Invasive Education.

September 14, 2010

This is a question that Sugata Mitra, a professor and scientist set out to answer based on the premise that there are places on earth, in every country, where, for various reasons, good schools cannot be built and good teachers cannot or do not want to go.

This fascinating video shows highlights of the experiments conducted in India, South Africa, and Italy.

Students Find Amazon Fungus That Binges on Petrochemical Junkfood

February 14, 2012

Each year 16 students sign up for the Yale rainforest lab, which features a two-week expedition during spring break, followed by intensive research analyzing hundreds of samples brought back from the headwaters of the Amazon. This year, one of the samples has shown potential for landfill cleanup, given its appetite for polyurethane.

Dr. Laura Dietsche of Dow Speaks at Mid-Michigan Event

March 3, 2011

On February 23, at a meeting of the Mid-Michigan Section of AIChE, Dr. Laura Dietsche presented a view of chemical engineering education programs in the U.S. She spoke from her perspective as a team leader and commissioner at ABET, the organization that reviews and accredits engineering programs at colleges in the U.S. I came away from her talk with two strong impressions: Dr. Dietsche and her colleagues at ABET are providing a very valuable service to the profession – and on a strictly volunteer basis!


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