Chemistry Shorts: How Science Is Creating New Sources of Water

4/7   in the series Chemistry Shorts Video Series

The Chemistry Shorts film series shows the vital role the chemical sciences play in the biggest issues facing the world. Each film is accompanied by a lesson plan to integrate the science behind these innovations into the classroom.

Ensuring a safe water supply is one of the most compelling challenges humanity faces in the 21st century. The nine-minute film “Untapped Potential” highlights the game-changing solutions being developed in the chemical sciences.

The accompanying lesson plan contains student activities, teacher notes, and additional resource suggestions that are intended for use with the Chemistry Shorts film “Untapped Potential.” The film is freely available for viewing online either at the link above or at The activities stand alone, with no additional background material needed. The activities are aimed at grades 9–12. Teachers may adjust or extend discussion of the chemistry involved depending on the students’ level. The plan is designed for use as a complete package, although teachers may choose individual activities.

Download the lesson plan for this video here.