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Purifying Water in Developing Countries

Archived Webinar
Sep 21, 2016
Engineers know how to produce safe drinking water, but transferring it to those in need is another story. In this webinar, Dr. Velegol discusses her experience developing a technology using the seeds...

CEP: News Update

News Update
Army Research Lab Uses Discarded Plastic to 3D Print Supplies Researchers at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) have developed a way to use discarded plastic waste as starting material for additive manufacturing on army bases. Wristband Can...

Repackaging the Planet

June 14, 2018

Current plastic recycling efforts just aren't enough, but new solutions are evolving in response to public awareness and outrage.

Recent Advances in Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering

SBE Special Section
Samad Ahadian, Houman Savoji, Ali Khademhosseini
Hydrogels could play an important role in the fabrication of functional tissues for regenerative medicine. This article describes the developments in polymer chemistry, nanomaterials, molecular biology, and microscale technologies that are spurring advances in hydrogel fabrication.
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