Chemistry Shorts: Driving Reactions

5/7   in the series Chemistry Shorts Video Series

Our world faces climate, economic, and sustainability challenges that we don’t yet have the tools to fix. The nine-minute film “Driving Reactions” explores how directed evolution and the chemical sciences are creating some of these new tools.

We have the ability to use the power of chemistry to find sustainable solutions for the future.

- Hal Alper, “Driving Reactions”

"Driving Reactions" is aimed at high school to college students and can be used as a starting point for discussions around polymer chemistry, enzyme reactions, directed evolution, DNA, and plastic recycling.

The accompanying lesson plan contains student activities, teacher notes, and additional resource suggestions that are intended for use with the Chemistry Shorts film “Driving Reactions.” The film is freely available for viewing online either at in the video window above or at

Download the lesson plan for this video here.