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2024 Offshore Technology Conference

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The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is an annual event where energy professionals meet to advance their scientific and technical knowledge related to offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection.

Defect Detection System Monitors Pipe Integrity

Defect Detection System Monitors Pipe Integrity

The Matrix UT uses phased array technology to accurately inspect for defects in pipe girth welds in offshore and onshore pipeline applications. The unit provides high scan speeds, superior resolution, and precise sizing when detecting defects. It uses a variety of inspection techniques, including full matrix capture (FMC), total focusing method (TFM), plane wave imaging (PWI), and phase coherence imaging (PCI). The manufacturer’s paired interface offers real-time reporting and statistical analysis.

Argus NDT, Inc.


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Thermometric Camera Is Suitable for Hazardous Environments

Thermometric Camera Is Suitable for Hazardous Environments

The Q1961-XTE explosion-protected thermal camera remotely monitors temperatures and notifies personnel of undesired temperature deviations. This system can trigger events or protocols to avoid downtime and enable preventive maintenance. The camera has a temperature range of –40°C to 350°C and is certified for use in Zone and Division 2 hazardous locations. Operators can create up to ten configurable polygonal detection areas and use the camera to provide spot readings of specific areas. In addition, the camera can be integrated with process control systems to provide further process insights.

Axis Communications AB


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Industrial Lights Offer Battery-Powered Option

Industrial Lights Offer Battery-Powered Option

The Dialight LED High Bay lights are now available as a battery backup model to provide lighting during a power outage. The factory-installed nickel-metal hydride battery allows for efficient installation, and the fixture’s self-testing and diagnostics function eliminates push-button tests. The lights have a wide temperature range of –20°C to 55°C, and they meet various Underwriters Laboratory (UL) standards for use in hazardous locations.



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Wave Springs Can Handle High Loads

Wave Springs Can Handle High Loads

The Nested Spirawave springs use multiple-turn, flat-wire wave springs that are coiled in parallel to produce two to three times as much force as traditional single-turn wave springs. This increased force eliminates the need for stacked conventional springs, which can lead to misalignment and inconsistent loading. These springs are suitable for use in diverse applications, including heavy-duty bearing preloads, connectors, valves, and seals. They are especially suited for industries that require precision wave springs with high loads. The springs are available in carbon and stainless steel with sizes from 0.5 in. to 4 in.



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Pipe Repair Kit Repairs Leaks Quickly

Pipe Repair Kit Repairs Leaks Quickly

The Pipe Repair Kit Black was designed for emergency repair of defective and damaged pipes and pipelines in both onshore and offshore applications. The kit includes special repair tape made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, assembly instructions, and a pair of protective gloves. The tape is permeated with water-activated resin, which sets within 30 min and has a maximum temperature of 150°C. Additionally, the tape is sufficiently flexible to seal leaks in bends, T-pieces, or other spaces that are difficult to access.



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Float Valve Withstands Extreme Conditions

Float Valve Withstands Extreme Conditions

The HTHP Poloval all-polymer float valve can operate in extreme downhole conditions of up to 400°F and 10,000 psi. When installed using the manufacturer’s proprietary cement blend, this valve’s polymer composition eliminates the need for aluminum, which decreases drill-out time and improves drill-bit longevity. The line of valves includes four sizes with flowrates ranging from 8 to 20 barrels per min. Additionally, the valves meet all American Petroleum Institute’s (API’s) requirements for use in rigorous applications.

Newland Industrial Co.


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Subsea Remotely Operated Vehicle Navigation Feature Improves Positioning

Subsea Remotely Operated Vehicle Navigation Feature Improves Positioning

The use of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) in subsea asset maintenance has reduced the need for manually performed maintenance and the associated risk to personnel. To further increase the ease and efficiency of mini ROV navigation, this unit has a dead reckoning feature that enables precise positioning and navigation of mini ROVs beneath the water. The dead reckoning technique estimates an object’s current position based on its previously known position, initial velocity, and course. This feature enables precise positioning and navigation, offering early defect detection and autonomous navigation capabilities.

Deep Trekker, Inc.


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Welding Station Includes Dual Wire Feeder

Welding Station Includes Dual Wire Feeder

The WF 25i Dual is a welding system that includes two welding torches and two wire spools in one station for greater efficiency and productivity. This design allows operators to easily switch between two different filler metals or wire diameters, eliminating the need to change spools or welding torches. The welding station is well-suited to construction machinery, shipbuilding, or pipeline construction applications.

Fronius International GmbH


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Imaging Tools Model Well Defects

Imaging Tools Model Well Defects

The HADES high-resolution acoustic imaging tools comprehensively inspect downhole well conditions. The inspection platform models wellheads, flow control devices, casing perforations, inner diameter (ID) and outer diameter (OD) wall loss and remaining wall thickness, fiber-optic cable clamp orientation, connections, casing damage, restrictions, and deformations at sub-millimetric resolutions regardless of fluid clarity. This modeling requires only one pass, allowing operators to better address well integrity issues, increase performance, and save time.

Dark Vision


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Mooring Connector Offers Flexible Configuration

Mooring Connector Off ers Flexible Configuration

The BarMoor Quick Connector is a mooring connector for the offshore wind and oil and gas industries. The connector’s capacity is tailored to the application, with the maximum strength always above that of the mooring line. Depending on the size and demand of an application, the connector will be constructed from shipbuilding grades of steel plate and proprietary castings and forgings as needed. The connector’s components are simple and do not require high-precision machined parts, reducing cost and increasing product availability.



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Pumps Perform Consistently at High Temperature and Pressure

Pumps Perform Consistently at High Temperature and Pressure

The EP Series of positive-displacement rotary lobe pumps have been designed to perform in extreme conditions and constant high pressures. The pumps can generate a uniform pressure output of up to 260 psi, and the one-piece housing can pump abrasive, chemically aggressive, and explosive flow media at temperatures up to 392°F, making them suitable for petroleum and chemical manufacturing applications. The pumps’ design promotes low noise emissions, smooth performance, and pulsation-free conveying. Additionally, the manufacturer’s AirGap design ensures that fluid will drain to the outside of the pump instead of into the gearbox in the event of a leak.

Vogelsang USA


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Communicator Kit Allows Operators to Configure Instrumentation Parameters

Communicator Kit Allows Operators to Configure Instrumentation Parameters

The Android-based HART and Foundation Fieldbus (FF) Communicator kit contains all the necessary equipment for bi-directional communication between field instruments and operators via the included tablet and communicator apps. The kit also includes a HART and FF modem and a carrying case. Communicator apps use the Device Descriptor (DD) to allow the user to view and edit device parameters and save all device parameters as a PDF file.

ProComSol Ltd.


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Data Logger Measures Readings from Corrosion Probes

Data Logger Measures Readings from Corrosion Probes

The MS4500E is a handheld data logger that measures and stores data from electrical resistance (ER) corrosion probes. The high-resolution measurement detects smaller increments of metal loss and provides a faster response than traditional ER instruments, obtaining corrosion rates in hours instead of days. The corrosion meter can store 16,000 readings per probe on up to 250 different probes. Readings are stored in non-volatile flash memory, which retains data without the need for a battery backup. In addition, the data logger is certified as intrinsically safe for use in hazardous areas.

Metal Samples Company


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Ultrasound Camera Detects and Quantifies Gas Leaks

The Ultra Pro X explosionproof ultrasound camera pinpoints gas leaks in oil and gas, power generation, and chemistry fields. The camera uses ultrasound-sensitive microphones to detect the sound of leaking gases without any direct contact. It can identify any type of gas, including hydrogen, noble gases, compressed air, methane, nitrogen, and steam. The camera also includes immediate leak rate quantification.

Distran AG


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Sensor Measures Oil-in-Water Concentration

Sensor Measures Oil-in-Water Concentration

The HydroSense 2410 oil-in-water monitor measures the hydrocarbon concentration in wastewater from oil/water separations, cooling water from power generation, and other industrial applications. The non-contacting sensor and solids diversion chamber reduce wear and maintenance. The measurable concentration range can be set from 0–10 ppm up to 0–5,000 ppm, and the minimum operating flowrate is 1 L/min. The unit provides onsite testing.

Arjay Engineering


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The 2024 Offshore Technology Conference

The 2024 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is the leading event for advancing scientific and technical knowledge in the offshore energy sector. The conference will take place May 6–9, 2024, at the NRG Park in Houston, TX.

This year’s technical program covers a wide array of areas and topics regarding ground-breaking ideas in offshore technologies, from optimizing and advancing current drilling and reservoir technologies to promoting ways the industry can decrease carbon emissions. AIChE’s program subcommittee has contributed exciting content to this year’s event by coordinating fifteen sessions, including a keynote speaker series on carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), a panel discussion on using hydrogen carriers in offshore applications, and seven technical sessions spread across all four days of the conference. Session topics highlight important areas and opportunities where chemical engineers can contribute to advancing offshore technology and oil production, with special attention to sustainability and renewable energy.

AIChE’s sponsored sessions begin Monday with the session “CO2-EOR: Advances and Challenges,” in which researchers will discuss challenges in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and how they are addressing them.

The second day features three AIChE sessions, all focusing on different paths to improve sustainability in offshore technology. The panel discussion “Riding the Waves of Innovation: Exploring Offshore Hydrogen Carriers for a Sustainable Future” will feature leaders from across the offshore technology industry discussing the necessary improvements in hydrogen transport before it can realize its potential as a sustainable energy alternative. Similarly, the session “Offshore Energy Transition: Innovation and Challenges in Hydrogen Value Chain” will highlight the many possible applications for hydrogen in the energy transition. Finally, the session “What Lurks Beneath the Waves? Unlocking the Secret of Subsurface Carbon Capture and Storage” will feature advancements in undersea carbon storage technology.

Wednesday’s keynote session, “Offshore CCUS at Scale,” will feature a lecture from Nigel Jenvey, Vice President CCUS and H2 Project Development, Baker Hughes, who will discuss the importance of CCUS for climate change mitigation. Later in the day, researchers and industry leaders will consider the ways offshore facilities can improve their efficiency and sustainability in the session “Innovative Topside Process Design.”

The conference will conclude with another full day of programming featuring various AIChE-sponsored sessions focusing on different strategies for optimizing offshore technology. The session “Advances in Offshore Facility Integrity” will highlight the myriad techniques and technologies industries are employing to identify, monitor, and repair fatigue damage to assets. The session “Flow Assurance: Advances in Simulation Models” discusses new applications of flow modeling technology being implemented across industries. The AIChE-sponsored sessions will conclude with “Achieving Well Integrity and Optimized Well Design,” where industry leaders and researchers will feature their novel methods for ensuring safety and functionality in well design.

In addition to these engaging discussions from AIChE’s program subcommittee, the 2024 OTC will feature technical sessions sponsored by all 13 of OTC’s sponsoring organizations and societies, as well as poster sessions, networking events, and the session “How to Step Up to Impactful Leader and Mature a Young Career,” discussing the tools young professionals need to transition into leadership positions.

AIChE members are eligible for reduced rates on OTC registration and proceedings. Register online before May 5th for standard registration rates. Be sure to indicate your AIChE affiliation on your registration form.

We would love to meet you during your visit to OTC 2024. Please stop by AIChE Booth #S2, located in the Sponsors’ Row outside of the Exhibit Hall. To view the full program and events, check out the OTC website at 2024.otcnet.org.

Looking forward to 2025, the AIChE subcommittee is pleased to announce the selection of Hoss Shariat, AIChE senior member, for the role of Vice Chair of the program committee for the 2025 OTC.



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