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Creating a Resilient Supply Chain for Dangerous Goods

Establishing reliable and repeatable processes across the supply chain is critical for businesses to maintain resilient, efficient, and compliant operations, even when disruptions arise.

Keeping goods moving in the face of ongoing supply chain disruptions, labor and material shortages, and a myriad of other challenges has become increasingly difficult, especially for businesses shipping dangerous goods (DG). These challenges have pushed organizations to reevaluate their operations and implement new processes and systems to operate more efficiently and build supply chain resilience.

For many organizations, this means further automating and streamlining supply chain processes. These efforts can be particularly useful in helping organizations gain efficiencies and fill gaps when short-staffed or up against supply constraints. They are equally useful when demand is high or unexpected disruptions occur and it’s imperative to keep goods moving.

We live in a time where all these situations exist simultaneously: a high demand for products conflicting with inflation, labor issues, and a strained supply chain. For this reason, automation and business continuity are more important than ever. This is especially true for organizations that ship DG — i.e., hazardous materials (hazmat) — which add another level of complexity and make adapting to disruptions even more challenging.

This article explains what constitutes a dangerous good and how to implement a resilient DG supply chain. Steps to success include gathering the right product information, ensuring that the right processes are in place, deploying automation to increase efficiency, and adjusting the solutions as needed and across multiple locations...

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