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New Products: June 2021

New Products


Analyzer Measures the Concentrations of Sulfuric Acid and Oleum


The LiquiSonic analyzer monitors the concentrations of sulfuric acid and oleum. It can measure concentration or density using sonic velocity technology, which is independent of conductivity, color, and transparency of the process liquids. The analyzer can operate in extreme conditions, including temperatures between –100°C (–150°F) and 200°C (375°F) and at pressures up to 500 bar (7,000 psi).

SensoTech GmbH

Natural Gas Analyzer Monitors Moisture Content in Gas Streams


The J22 TDLAS gas analyzer accurately measures the water content of natural gas streams. The analyzer has an intuitive user interface that streamlines data handling and network connectivity. A built-in web server can connect to a laptop or other device via an Ethernet cable. The modularity of the analyzer simplifies maintenance in the field and enables easy access to components for quick replacements and upgrades. The analyzer can replace traditional electrochemical sensors (e.g., aluminum oxide, phosphorus pentoxide, quartz crystal microbalance, and chilled mirror) that often lose accuracy due to contamination and require frequent maintenance. The enclosure meets Ingress Protection (IP)-66 and Type 4X requirements for installation in typical natural gas application locations.


Pressure and Temperature Data Logger Is Suitable for Hazardous Conditions


The PR1000Ex data logger records pressure and temperature in one compact device. It is suitable for monitoring applications in hazardous environments and features atmosphere explosive (ATEX) certification. The device simultaneously records ambient pressure, transient pressure, and temperatures from –40°C to 80°C (–40°F to 176°F). It is only 3.6 in. tall and features a 1/4-in. National Pipe Thread (NPT) pressure port for easy installation. The data logger software can automatically generate reports and records to satisfy regulatory requirements. The device is available in ten different pressure ranges from 30 psi to 5,000 psi.


imagesLight-Guiding Terminal Blocks Streamline Connections

The 0171 Series of push-in-design (PID) terminal blocks simplify wire connections and provide clear indication of active circuits to improve operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Built-in LED light guides provide quick visual confirmation of active connections. The PID technology is an alternative to screw terminals that reduces wiring times and offers consistent clamping tension to resist vibration-related connection failures. Housing colors, push buttons, and labels can be customized and tailored to each application to provide clear circuit functionality identification.

Dinkle International

Fluids and Solids Handling

Rotary Valves Feature an Automatic Rail Locking System


The sanitary HDMF Series rotary valves include a rail locking system that automatically secures the rotor in place when removed from the housing, simplifying the cleaning and inspection process. During cleaning or inspection, operators can set the rotor on parallel slide rails and rotate the rotor freely, enabling 360-deg. rotor access without removing it from the processing line. The valves are suitable for pneumatic conveying systems that transport powders, granules, and other dry materials that require frequent inspection and cleaning. In addition, the sanitary rotary valves are approved by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) for use in food and dairy processing.

Gericke USA

Hygienic Twin-Screw Pump Is Available in Low-Flowrate Models


This twin-screw pump is offered in three new models to handle low flowrates in hygienic applications. The low-shear pumps can transfer sensitive, abrasive, and high- and low-viscosity fluids with large solids content for product transfer and clean-in-place (CIP) applications. Low pulsation and gentle solids handling capability reduce the risk of product damage. The pump features a robust, reliable design that meets stringent hygienic standards.

Alfa Laval

imagesStatic-Dynamic Mixer Handles Difficult-to-Mix Materials

The vipro-DUOMIX static-dynamic mixer can mix compressible materials that have very different viscosities and/or are sensitive to high pressure. The modular mixer includes five different dispenser sizes and accommodates a wide range of mixing ratios, from 1:1 to 100:1. The mixer’s parallel dispensers and compact, lightweight design make it suitable for auto-mated applications.


Batch-Weigh System Fully Automates Powder Dispensing


This batch-weigh system automatically transfers, weighs, and dispenses precise amounts of solid materials. It can transfer powders, pellets, flakes, and other bulk materials to mixers, hoppers, tanks, vessels, and containers. The system replaces manual and semi-automated processes with a fully automated approach that eliminates the potential for operator error. The system offers 99% batch weighing accuracy to improve batch-to-batch product consistency and reduce material waste and quality-control concerns. It is dust-tight and integrates the company’s Spiralfeeder flexible screw conveyor with companion infeed hopper, weigh hopper, load cells, pneumatic slide gate, and proprietary drive with integral seals. The system has integrated programmable logic controller (PLC)-based process controls for users to easily manage materials fed from one or multiple equipment locations to a common discharge location. The system can be installed in any sanitary, hazardous, and/or nonhazardous production environment.

Automated Flexible Conveyor, Inc.


Absorbers Protect Oxygen-Sensitive Products


Pharmakeep is a two-in-one oxygen and moisture absorber for oxygen-sensitive products, such as pharmaceuticals, probiotics, proteins, and other dry products. It quickly absorbs oxygen inside the headspace of product packaging, reducing oxygen concentrations from 20.8% to less than 0.01%, without the need for nitrogen flushing. The absorber is available as drop-in canisters and packets that accommodate various application requirements.

Airnov Healthcare Packaging

Heat Transfer

Mixer Heats and Cools Viscous Media


The P1 cooling mixer provides safe and efficient heat exchange of viscous media. A heat transfer fluid flows through both of the mixing elements, as well as through the double jacket. The forced guidance and constant mixing in the interior of the mixer enables short residence times and a narrow residence time distribution. Extremely uniform flow prevents product degradation and mitigates deposits or temperature peaks. The mixers can be used for both small-throughput (e.g., kg/hr) and high-throughput, industrial (i.e., ton/hr) applications. In addition, the mixer is compatible with continuously operated reactors.

Promix Solutions AG

Heat Exchangers Boast Small Tube Diameters


The C Series of industrial multitube heat exchangers has small tube diameters to improve heat transfer and decrease the overall unit size. More tubes can fit into each unit, which decreases the overall length of the heat exchanger for a given capacity. The heat exchangers are suitable for fluids with low-to-medium viscosities, as well as clean-in-place (CIP) fluids and general industrial fluids. The heat exchangers feature the company’s corrugated tube technology that increases heat transfer and thermal efficiency while also minimizing the effects of fouling. The heat exchangers are constructed of stainless steel and accommodate all of the standard connection types.

HRS Heat Exchangers


Server Offers Secure Data Exchange for Industry 4.0


The dataFEED Secure Integration Server is an interface between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) that efficiently exchanges data in a single component. The aggregating server uses Open Platform Communications United Architecture (OPC UA) space modeling for interface abstraction and data aggregation, handling facility changes or extensions within one domain. A single OPC UA server consolidates data from multiple sources to simplify configuration. A built-in security model restricts the address space for individual OPC UA client applications, enabling secure Industry 4.0.

Softing, Inc.

Heat Exchanger Software Update Adds Tube Assistant Feature


Advanced Heat Exchanger Design (AHED) software, a tool for designing shell-and-tube heat exchangers, now includes a Tube Assistant feature to make more information accessible to users during the design process. The new feature includes data for 2,000 different fluids so that users no longer need to search for key property parameters outside of the software. Additional tube dimension details are also available, including those commonly used for heat exchangers, such as International Organization for Standardization (ISO), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and metric tube types.

AHED Software

Asset Performance Platform Features a Redesigned User Interface


BCAP is a cloud-based asset performance platform that integrates data sources from engineering, production, and maintenance. The platform provides a digital infrastructure to improve operation, maintenance, and product quality. A redesigned user interface improves the user experience by providing everyone, from operators to top-level management, with the information and solutions relevant to their specific needs. The customizable workspace provides a quick overview of the most frequently viewed data. The BCAP platform supports maintenance and energy intelligence, asset monitoring, smart alerting, cognitive sound-based sensors, virtual sensors, and asset health check systems.


Materials and Chemicals

Ligand and Precatalyst Offerings Expand


This range of Buchwald ligands and precatalysts has been expanded to include additional high-quality Buchwald ligands and precatalysts, including AdCyBrettPhos, AlPhos, EPhos Pd G4, EPhos, AdBrettPhos, and AdBrettPhos Pd G3. Buchwald ligands are electron-rich dialkylbiaryl phosphines that are used to improve chemical reactivity in palladium catalysis. Even minor structural changes to Buchwald ligands can dramatically affect their catalytic activity in cross-coupling reactions with different substrates, which has led to the development of numerous ligands that are tailored for specific reactions. Buchwald ligands play an important role in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and organic electronic materials.

Sinocompound Catalysts Co.


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