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New Products: April 2021

New Products


Remote Tank Monitor Supports Most Networks


The Universal Tank Monitor (UTM) can simultaneously monitor multiple tanks or multiple measurements on a single tank. The remote monitor is compatible with a variety of communication networks and carriers, including 2G, 3G, LTE cellular, and satellite, enabling it to automatically switch to the strongest signal. It supports several types of sensors, including tank level, pressure, and flow sensors.


Thermal Flow Switch Is Designed for Clean-In-Place Applications


The FLT93C thermal flow switch provides accurate liquid flow measurement for clean-in-place (CIP) systems. It monitors the minimum liquid flowrate of process cleaning solutions to ensure the flowrate is maintained during the entire cleaning process. The switch operates over a wide flow range of 0.01–3 ft/sec (0.003–0.9 m/sec). It connects to most sanitary tubing process lines (0.75–4 in.) with a secure tri-clamp fitting for easy removal. The switch uses temperature compensation technology to ensure setpoint accuracy for process temperatures that can vary up to ±100°F (±37.8°C). It is available with different sensors that accommodate high temperatures, including one that is suitable for temperatures up to 500°F (260°C).

Fluid Components International

Vortex Flowmeter Measures Multiple Variables


The Pro-V M24 multivariable vortex flowmeter delivers accurate and reliable flow metering. It incorporates a high-accuracy velocity sensor, a platinum resistance temperature detector (RTD) sensor, and a solid-state pressure transducer. Thus, a single device is equipped to measure volumetric flow, mass flow, temperature, pressure, density, and energy (BTU), reducing complexity and equipment and installation costs. A reduced bore option features the same process connections but uses integrated reducing flanges to reduce the diameter of the meter body. This increases the fluid velocity through the meter to capture low flowrates that might otherwise be undetectable.

VorTek Instruments

Linear Position Sensors Operate in Harsh Environments


The HAR Series of hermetically sealed linear position sensors ensure valves are opened and closed according to control schemes for more efficient plant operations. The electronics of the linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) sensors are separated from the core, enabling operation in harsh environments. The sensors are available in measurement ranges from ±0.05 in. (±1.27 mm) to ±10 in. (±250 mm) to suit a wide variety of applications. A two-component epoxy housing protects the internals from hostile conditions, enabling the sensors to operate at temperatures from –65°F to 400°F. The rugged sensors can also withstand high shock and vibration.


Smart Temperature Transmitter Has Bluetooth Capability


The iTEMP TMT142B is a smart temperature transmitter that features a secure Bluetooth interface. Measurement instruments are often installed in difficult-to-access locations, which can make commissioning, operation, and servicing difficult. This temperature transmitter uses Bluetooth to wirelessly communicate accurate and reliable measurements. Users can use a mobile device and the SmartBlue app to remotely perform configuration tasks. The device is enclosed in a single-chamber field housing for safe operation in hazardous areas.


Air Velocity Sensor Monitors Laminar Air Flow in Cleanrooms


The EE680 air velocity sensor features a good manufacturing practice (GMP)-compliant design that is suitable for cleanroom applications. It can be used to monitor laminar flow of air in cleanrooms or on safety workbenches. The sensor precisely measures air velocities from 0.1 m/sec to 2 m/sec (20 ft/min to 400 ft/min), and it also measures ambient air temperatures. An LED ring integrated into the enclosure indicates proper laminar flow conditions and the sensor status. In addition, the sensor has an exterior coating that is resistant to hydrogen peroxide sterilization and other aggressive cleaning agents.

E+E Elektronik

Laboratory Equipment

Capillary Columns Improve High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Analysis


The MAbPac reversed-phase capillary high-performance liquid chromato-graphy (HPLC) columns and emitters offer sensitive and reproducible high-throughput analysis of small sample volumes. These columns and emitters enable laboratories to achieve high-resolution, low-flow separations of intact proteins, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), and peptides. The column is particularly suited to peptide mapping characterization and analysis of mAbs fragments, antibody drug conjugates (ADC), and PEGylated proteins. The MAbPac column is available as a standalone unit or in an EASY-Spray design, which is a plug-and-spray option for low-flow liquid chromatography.

ThermoFisher Scientific

Cold Trap Offers Efficient Solvent Evaporation


The CT50 cold trap enables rapid cooling to temperatures as low as –50°C to quickly evaporate solvents. It is compatible with rotary evaporators and other laboratory distillation equipment. The compact design requires minimal bench space. The device has a user-friendly organic LED (OLED) controller display that supports USB and RS232 connections for data transfer. The cold trap includes a drip tray, and an optional glass accessory set is available.


Refrigerated Circulators Heat and Cool Quickly


The MAGIO refrigerated circulators have high heating and cooling capacities of up to 3 kW to quickly achieve temperatures ranging from –50°C to 300°C. The devices feature a heavy-duty pump with output values of up to 31 L/min or 0.92 bar. They have a high-resolution touchscreen display with a multilingual user interface that is easy to operate. The circulators are available in various sizes and with a range of accessories to accommodate most temperature control requirements.


Oven Heats Chromatography Columns


The EchoTherm CO20 is an oven for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns up to 30 cm long. It heats columns to temperatures of up to 90°C, and the PID controller regulates temperatures to ±0.1°C. The oven features simple controls, a digital display of target and actual chamber temperatures, an injection counter, and a 30-day timer with an alarm and programmable auto-off function.

Torrey Pines Scientific, Inc.


Channel Slide Simplifies 3D Cell Culture Experiments


The μ-Slide I Luer 3D is an innovative channel slide for 3D cell culture experiments under flow conditions. For sample preparation, the three wells of the slide are filled with a gel (e.g., collagen). Then, the cells are seeded into the slide’s single channel, where they will adhere to the gel. The slide features a transparent polymer cover slip on both sides, which allows the cells to be imaged by high-resolution microscopy. In addition, the slide can be connected to a pump to apply shear stress to the cell cultures.

Ibidi GmbH

Single-Use Separator Has a Small Footprint


The single-use Kytero separator is designed for harvesting fermentation broths and cell cultures. It has a small footprint that minimizes the need for expensive storage or production space. The separator features the company’s Westfalia separator disc-stack technology that delivers high yield, efficient separation, and gentle product handling. The separator can be used without buffer addition and substantially reduces filtration requirements. Each contact part of the single-use design, such as cartridges and pathways, are replaced after each use to prevent cross-contamination and ensure contained cell harvesting.

GEA Group

System Streamlines Exposure Testing on Cell Cultures


The Cloud Alpha MAX is an all-in-one unit that enables fully automated exposure testing on cell cultures. The system is designed for testing applications that require nebulization of solutions and suspensions, such as screening inhaled drugs or testing the toxicity of chemical vapors. It allows exposure testing in 6-, 12-, or 24-well cell culture inserts. The system has three nebulizers to enable simultaneous testing of three different concentrations and/or volumes. It accommodates nebulization volumes between 10 μl and 40 μl. Three types of vibrating mesh nebulizers are available in droplet mass median aerodynamic diameter (MMAD) ranges of 2.5–6.0 μm, 2.5–4.0 μm, and 4.0–6.0 μm. A quartz crystal microbalance that has a resolution of 10 ng/cm2-sec ensures accurate doses.



Control-of-Work Software Improves Digitalization


The RAP4 digital control-of-work software streamlines digitalization of paper documentation, such as work procedures, risk assessments, and permits. It features intuitive modules to promote audit compliance and drive continuous safety improvement. The user-friendly platform enables easy access to the RAP Cortex knowledge base of potential hazards and mitigating controls to prioritize risk assessment. In addition, the software supports additional permit and isolation functionality and applications to further improve safety and efficiency. It can be installed in the cloud or on site.

Yokogowa RAP Ltd.

Fluids and Solids Handling

Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyors Are Suitable for Explosive Environments


These pneumatic vacuum conveying systems feature atmosphere explosive (ATEX) certification. They are proven safe for use in explosive atmospheres, such as those involving combustible dust, flammable gases, and/or hybrid mixtures of solids and gas. The conveyors use pneumatically driven parts in a conductive design that do not require electric power. This prevents heat generation and eliminates potential sources of ignition. The line of pneumatic conveyors includes the inert-explosionproof pneumatic vacuum conveyors (INEX) for transfer under an inert atmosphere; the PPC pharmaceutical pneumatic vacuum conveyors for hygienic processing; the modular VS vacuum conveyors for food ingredients with easy cleaning and changeover; and the PowTReX for additive manufacturing and metal powder processing.

Volkmann USA

Triple-Shaft Mixer Is Available in Hygienic Design


The VersaMix triple-shaft mixer is now available in a hygienic design. It is capable of mixing highly viscous materials — such as creams, gels, and pastes — that require hygienic and sanitary handling. The mixer features electropolished and passivated contact surfaces. It offers powder wet-out and dispersion, temperature control, emulsification, homogenization, and degassing capabilities all in one vessel. The mixer is available in sizes ranging from 1-gal to 500-gal. Larger models in a fixed-tank configuration are also available.

Charles Ross & Son Co.

Environmental, Health, and Safety

Safety Glasses Prevent Lens Fogging


The Brass Knuckle Spectrum safety glasses have antifogging protection. The antifogging protection is permanently bonded to the lens and will not wear or wash off. The safety glasses also feature anti-scratch, anti-static, and UV-protective properties. The glasses have a lightweight, comfortable design and an adjustable nosepiece to ensure a secure fit. They are available with clear lenses or colored mirror lenses.

Brass Knuckle Safety Products

Coating Protects Against Corrosion and Bacteria

The CrobialCoat antimicrobial coating prevents both corrosion and bacterial growth. It is a durable, clear coating with built-in antimicrobial technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria on highly polished or matte metals, ceramics, hard plastics, and hardwoods. The coating also provides long-lasting protection from rust, salt damage, tarnish, corrosion, and oxidation on most surfaces.

Everbrite Coatings


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