CEP: July 2019

Single-use equipment is becoming increasingly commonplace across the biopharmaceutical industry. Advancement in such systems is relevant for new product niches within the biopharma space. Other topics in this issue include vapor intrusion mitigation, combustion control, commissioning smart technologies and state-based control.


No Cause for Alarm

I have donated blood many times, and while I am familiar with this process, last month I donated platelets for the first time. Starting a few days earlier, I increased my water intake, and the night before, I ate high-iron foods. I arrived at the donation center, as I typically do to donate blood, filled out the electronic questionnaire to ensure my eligibility, and then met with a staff member to have my heart rate, blood pressure, and iron levels checked...

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An Introduction to Vapor Intrusion

Environmental Management
Tracy L. Repp, Brooke N. Voeller, Jeffrey A. Bolin
Vapor intrusion (VI) occurs when contaminants in soil or groundwater drift into a building or facility through cracks and seams in the foundation. This article describes steps to mitigate VI at your facility.

Reducing Energy Costs and Emissions with Combustion Control

Plant Operations
Julie Valentine
Combustion in fired heaters and boilers is typically based on either volumetric flow control or pressure control of the fuel gas feeding the burner. Using mass flow control could help lower energy costs and emissions.

Rethink Commissioning for Smart Technologies

Peter Kalish
Effective commissioning is critical to realizing the benefits of new equipment. As many facilities transition to smart technologies, this process requires even more diligence.
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