Smart Manufacturing: The Next Revolution


Moving to the next generation of production can help the U.S. keep its competitive edge.

Welcome to the chemical plant of the future, where self-aware heat exchangers, distillation columns, chemical reactors, motors, and pumps work in concert, wirelessly communicating their status with each other to produce the highest-quality product, in the least amount of time, with near-zero incidents, emissions, and waste.

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Michelle Bryner

Michelle is the senior editor at Chemical Engineering Progress, where she covers topics ranging from metamaterials (what they are and how they’re being used), to supercomputer advancements, to what’s up in biotechnology. She has written for Popular Science, Psychology Today,,, and

Before becoming a writer, she worked as a chemical engineer at W.L. Gore, where she developed new processes and products (including some of the PacLite gear). Michelle has a BChE from the University of Delaware and an MS in science...Read more

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