Handbook of Polymer Solution Thermodynamics | AIChE

Handbook of Polymer Solution Thermodynamics


December, 1993





Created for engineers and students working with pure polymers and polymer solutions, this handbook provides up-to-date, easy to use methods to obtain specific volumes and phase equilibrium data. A comprehensive database for the phase equilibria of a wide range of polymer-solvent systems, and PVT behavior of pure polymers are given, as are accurate predictive techniques using group contributions and readily available pure component data. Two computer programs on diskettes are included. POLYPROG implements procedures given for prediction and correlation for specific volume of pure polymer liquids and calculation of vapor-liquid equilibria (VLE) of polymer solutions. POLYDATA provides an easy method of accessing the data contained in the many databases in the book. Both disks require a computer with a math coprocessor. This handbook is a valuable resource in the design and operation of many polymer processes, such as polymerization, devolatilization, drying, extrusion, and heat exchange.

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