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Regenerative Engineering and Translational Medicine Journal

Regenerative Engineering and Translational Medicine is an international journal covering convergence of the disciplines of tissue engineering, advanced materials science, stem cell research, the physical sciences, and areas of developmental biology. This convergence brings exciting opportunities to translate bench-top research into bedside methods, allowing the possibility of moving beyond maintaining or repairing tissues to regenerating them.

The journal encourages both top-down engineering approaches and bottom-up strategies integrating materials science with stem cell research and developmental biology. Convergence papers on instructive biomaterials, stimuli-responsive biomaterials, micro- and nano-patterning for regenerative engineering, elastomeric biomaterials, hydrogels for tissue engineering, and rapid prototyping and bioprinting approaches are particularly welcome.

The journal provides a premier, peer-reviewed forum for the publication of original papers, authoritative reviews, rapid communications, news and views, and opinion papers addressing the most important issues and efforts toward successfully regenerating complex human tissues and organs.

All research articles feature a lay abstract highlighting the relevance and future impact for patients, government and other health officials, and members of the general public. Bridging the gap between the lab and the clinic, the journal also serves as a dedicated platform for showcasing translational research that brings basic scientific research and discoveries into clinical methods and therapies, contributing to the improvement of human health care.

Topics covered in Regenerative Engineering and Translational Medicine include:

  • Advanced materials science for regenerative and biomedical applications
  • Stem cells for tissue regeneration
  • Drug delivery for tissue regeneration
  • Nanomaterials and nanobiotechnology for tissue regeneration
  • Studies combining tissue engineering/regeneration with developmental biology
  • Convergence research in pre-clinical and clinical phases

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