The mission of the Regenerative Engineering Society (The RE Society) is to promote and advance regenerative engineering, a field defined as the Convergence of Advanced Materials Science, Stem Cell Science, Physics, Developmental Biology and Clinical Translation for the regeneration of complex tissues and organ systems. The mission includes informing the public of the technical benefits of Regenerative Engineering, and promoting the realization of the benefits of this field through biomedical applications.

Objectives are:

  • To raise interest, understanding, and recognition of engineers’, scientists’, physicians’, industry workers’, and community members’ roles in regenerative engineering.
  • To organize conferences, workshops and other events in the field of regenerative engineering.  
  • To further education of RE Society members and infuse awareness to others in the public who are interested in learning about regenerative engineering.  
  • To foster and promote peer-review of research on regenerative engineering through publications, journals and and/or conferences.