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CEP Subscriptions, Reprints, and Permissions


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Or subscribe as a nonmember by contacting AIChE Customer Service at customerservice@aiche.org or call 800-242-4363 (International 203-702-7660).


Purchasing an electronic reprint of a CEP article allows you to post the article on your website for an unlimited amount of time, print an unlimited number of copies, and distribute it via email.

To purchase an electronic reprint of an article published after 2001, contact Karen Simpson at kares@aiche.org.


Would you like to reuse content from CEP Magazine? It’s easy to request permission to reuse content via RightsLink®, the Copyright Clearance Center’s online service. Learn more.

Read Older Articles

To read articles published prior to 2001, contact the Linda Hall Library at requests@lindahall.org or call 800-662-1545.