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Brennecke, J.


The University of Texas At Austin





Dr. Brennecke is the recipient of a 1991 Presidential Young Investigator Award from the National Science Foundation, the 1998 University of Notre Dame Presidential Award, and the College of Engineering’s Outstanding Teacher of the Year (2000) and Kaneb Teaching (2002) awards. She has served on the Editorial Advisory Boards of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, the Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, Green Chemistry and the Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics. She also serves on the Governing Board of the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund and has served on the Governing Board of the Council for Chemical Research (Chair for 2007), the National Science Foundation Advisory Committees for Engineering and Environmental Research and Education, and the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute Governing Board. She chaired the 7th International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids in 2005 and ran a Council for Chemical Research NIChE conference on ionic liquids that same year. She has co-authored more than 120 scientific and technical articles.

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(91f) Thermodynamics of Ionic Liquid Mixtures
2018 AIChE Annual Meeting (ISBN: 978-0-8169-1108-0)
(309c) From Supercritical Fluids to Ionic Liquids
2018 AIChE Annual Meeting (ISBN: 978-0-8169-1108-0)
(341c) Ionic Liquids for Chemical Separations
2019 AIChE Annual Meeting (ISBN: 978-0-8169-1112-7)

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