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Claire Nimlos

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Nimlos, C.


Purdue University





Claire Nimlos just completed her PhD from Purdue University on the influence of synthesis on directing aluminum distributions in zeolite frameworks and effects on acid catalysis under the guidance of Professor Rajamani Gounder. In November she began a post-doctoral appointment at the NREL in the Thermochemical Catalysis Research and Development Group. While at Purdue Claire collaborated with multiple computational and experimental groups from other universities as well as companies such as BASF and national labs such as NREL. In 2018 she also interned under the guidance of Dr. Stacey Zones and Dr. Tracy Davis at Chevron to expand her training in organic synthesis as well as learn about research at a major oil and gas company. Before graduate school Claire worked at NREL under the guidance of Dr. Gregg Beckham and Dr. Eric Karp as an intern to identify and separate molecules from the catabolism of lignin.


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