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At AIChE, chemical engineers have the unique opportunity to go further with their fellow engineers in communities designed and crafted around their particular interests and areas of expertise.

Go Further with your Career

This series from Alaina G. Levine provides tips and insights meant especially for those in chemical engineering and related professions to help you get where you want to be more quickly and easily.

Check out Levine’s latest webinar on Virtual Interviewing.

An IDEAL Path to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Learn about how the IDEAL Path concept aims to give an equal opportunity to all who wish to join the chemical engineering community. Learn more.

Go Further with Divisions & Forums

Join any number of the diverse communities that fit your own personal interests. Each community is its own micro-society, with their own unique benefits and opportunities. These communities are part of our Community Counts program.

F&PD has given me a network across the fuels and petrochemicals industries, introducing me to technical experts outside my own company. It has also given me the chance to participate in STEM outreach to inspire the next generation.
Meagan Lewis, Sr. Business Leader - CA&S Gasoline, Honeywell UOP


Venting for Gaseous and Liquid Hydrogen

Inadequate operation or design of vent systems in hydrogen applications may lead to damage to equipment or harm to individuals. These systems often represent a single point of failure in hydrogen application designs. Unfortunately, these systems are often excluded from risk assessments and...

AIChE’s Institute for Learning and Innovation is poised to help chemical engineers at every career juncture to bridge the skills gap created by the rush of technology, changing work styles, and unprecedented societal needs.

Chemical Engineering Goes Further with K-12 Initiatives

Help the future of chemical go further by participating in AIChE's K-12 Initiatives. AIChE K-12 leverages the Institute’s vast network of volunteers for enhanced and expanded local impact in K-12 Outreach.