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Thinking Like a ChemE: Building a Humanitarian Filter

Thinking Like a ChemE: Building a Humanitarian Filter” is a workshop activity that allows students grades 3-8 to think critically while using very basic separation principles to make a water filter from common everyday objects. As background, we ask students to think about the real life application of this exercise: the example we give the students is the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico who may need a cost efficient water filter from materials they already have. 

Students are divided into teams of 5-7, plus 1 or 2 supervising volunteers per team, depending on the classroom size or preferences of the teacher or demonstrator. They are given “dirty water”, and their goal is to create a filter that will remove undesirable particles from the water to achieve clear water with a pH close to 7.


Module details
Approx. time requirement120 minutes
AIChE community affiliationUniversity of Florida Student Chapter
Approx. # of volunteers10
Recommended audience size40