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Racing with Interchangeable Parts

Students are challenged to recreate a tire that is missing from a Lego racecar using measurements that they take.  Students must first measure all of the dimensions of the tire that they need to recreate.  Then the model car and tire will be taken away, and the students will work with Crayola Model Magic clay to recreate the missing tire entirely based on their measurements. The students will then test the fit of their newly created part in the racecar, testing the size and movability of the racecar with their new tire by rolling it down a ramp and (optionally) measuring its dimensions with a caliper.  The importance of interchangeable parts, precise measurements, geometric shapes & dimensions, and spatial fit will be emphasized in this module.


Module details
Approx. time requirement15 minutes
AIChE community affiliationUniversity of New Haven
Approx. # of volunteers2
Recommended audience size12