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Fun with Fluorescence

This module allows students to learn about two physical phenomena: fluorescence and crosslinking polymers. Students will have the opportunity to add sodium alginate to calcium chloride to produce a cross-linked polymer, calcium alginate; this is unique because students can take two liquids and make an insoluble gel.  Furthermore, one of the sodium alginate solutions contains liquid highlighter dye, so students can observe fluorescence by placing those with highlighter dye under a black light. In particular, this module covers concepts of chemical bonding and the absorption of light as it relates to fluoresce. In additional, this concept of fluorescence will be connected to chemical engineering research that uses a similar scheme to enhance understanding of materials, biologics, catalysts, etc. 

Module details
TopicsMaterial science
Approx. time requirement10 minutes
AIChE community affiliationRose-Hulman Institute of Technology Student Chapter, Rachel Shubella
Approx. # of volunteers1-2
Recommended audience size10 students at a time