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Exploring Bioproducts: Glue for Piñatas

This module introduces students to bioproducts. Students learn about different examples of bioproducts made from different plants. Students also get to use a bioproduct. Students watch a demonstration of making “engrudo” (wheat paste), which is made from starch and hot water and involves the chemical reaction of gelatinization. The “engrudo” is a bioproduct and a starch glue. Starch glues have been used throughout history and still used today, primarily in the packaging industry. Students use the “engrudo” to make a piñata. Students will not only learn about new science vocabulary and processes but also about history and culture involving bioproducts.

Module details
TopicsBiochemistry, Bioproducts and Renewable Sources, Material science
Best-suited audienceArray
Approx. time requirement50 minutes
AIChE community affiliationAIChE Graduate Student Member
Approx. # of volunteers1-2
Recommended audience size25