Enterprise and Infrastructure Resilience Conference

August 12-13, 2019
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This conference explores multifaceted resilience strategies for the modern enterprise that address dependence on external systems, such as the environment, stakeholders, shareholders, and society.

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Call for Abstracts

Submit your abstract for Oral, Poster or Lighting Round presentation here by June 12.

Abstracts are invited in these and related topics:

  • Resilient Design and Operations of Chemical Process Systems
    • Strategies, principles, and contribution factors
    • Understand and manage the interaction of multiple stakeholders (e.g., conflicting objectives)
    • Resilient infrastructures
  • Advanced Control Systems for Risk Management and Resilient Processes
    • Flexibility, controllability, early detection, failure minimization, limitation of effects, administrative controls
    • Allocation of limited resources under constrained settings before, during, and after disruptive events
    • Vulnerability, risk reduction, and costs
  • Resilient Power, Water, Feedstock, and Product Supply Systems
    • Resilient supply chains and distribution systems
    • Effective, cost-efficient plans and actions for resilience, adaption, and risk reduction
    • Market diversity for resilient economics
  • Resilience Lessons Learned
    • Resilience’s lessons from and for the chemical industry
    • Resilient communities on the road to recovery
    • Resilience and sustainability
    • Environmental resiliency and challenges (cleanups and restoration)


Steering Committee