Competitive Energy Systems Symposium

April 9, 2019
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This 1-day symposium and 2 days of training courses, co-organized by AIChE and GDA (Gulf Downstream Association), will focus on cutting edge, sustainable, competitive global energy systems. The 2019 Competitive Energy Systems Symposium addresses the challenges of staying competitive in a changing climate, with a narrowed focus on challenges and opportunities for innovation in the energy sector. 

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Competitive Energy Systems Symposium

The Competitive Energy Systems Symposium aims to highlight, educate and train industry professionals and researchers in recent innovations, technologies and policies in the energy sector to obtain a leading edge in the field. This symposium will feature renowned industry, academic and governmental experts to share the latest trends in the chemical industry.

The Symposium addresses the challenges of staying competitive in a changing climate, and opportunities for innovation in the energy sector.

This Symposium will look at how research in academia and industry can anticipate changes and stay ahead of the competition to continue to be profitable, including relevant drivers, innovations, emerging technologies, systems integration, and infrastructure needed to retrofit existing systems or build new ones.

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Symposium Topics include:

  • Electrification of Chemical Industry: The chemical industry is on track for moving away from hydrocarbons, both for its energy and feedstock sources. Renewable energy in the form of electrons or heat, is limited to enabling production of non-carbon chemicals and intermediates, such as hydrogen and ammonia. However, many of the chemicals produced by the petrochemical industry are based on carbon. In order to produce these carbon-based commodity chemicals without the use of hydrocarbons, this session will focus on new R&D focusing on innovative ways to reactivate carbon from non-traditional feedstocks, such as carbon dioxide or shale gas.
  • Horizon Technology: New technologies can disrupt an established industry in unpredictable ways, while also presenting an exciting optimization problem, with new opportunities for integration, improved maintenance and reliability. What influence will horizon technologies like AI and augmented reality hold for the chemical enterprise? This session will delve into this question, focusing additionally on technologies like smart grids, microgrids, machine learning, and hybrid energy technologies.
  • Unique Applications of Solar Energy: This session will look at the many applications of solar energy in the chemical industry and beyond. Topics will include artificial photosynthesis; solar thermal applications to produce chemicals and fuels; desalination, including approaches for production of hydrogen.

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