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2013 Process Development Symposium

Process Scale-Up and its Challenges
June 11-13, 2013

The 2013 Process Development Symposium gatherered 115 chemical engineers in Oak Brook, IL for a content driven symposium to exchange ideas, develop their professional knowledge, and network.

Technical Program

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Why PDS 2013?

Scale-up of processes, whether batch or continuous, can be problematic and extremely costly when things go wrong. The more complex a process is in terms of chemistry and unit operations, the more things can go awry. Correctly identifying and designing the route to the production of a chemical or pharmaceutical, as well as understanding and controlling the desired reaction can help to avoid many of the difficulties encountered in scale up. Understanding the many nuances and details of a process leads to better process control, which ultimately leads to a robust and safe process. And in the end, a robust process typically results in successful scale up. 

The Process Development Symposium is offered as a means for development professionals to discuss experiences in the hope that, collectively, we can refine our predictive abilities and repeat good habits while rejecting bad ones. Experts from the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, oil and gas and specialty chemicals’ businesses will share ideas and proven methodologies for early recognition of troublesome technical and non-technical issues and their resolution.


Opening Keynote Address

Join us for a compelling talk titled Innovative Use of Waste Gases to Make Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals from LanzaTech's CEO, Dr. Jennifer Holmgren.

Case Studies

This session will incorporate tools and knowledge from other sessions and will show how prior experience shapes the actions of development and scale-up.

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