5th Engineering Cosmetics and Consumer Products Conference | AIChE

The 2024 Engineering Cosmetics and Consumer Products (ECCP) conference will gather scientists, engineers, and academic researchers together to present and learn on topics of Sustainability in Formulated Product Design. This conference will highlight new technologies and manufacturing approaches throughout the consumer products space with focuses on novel materials, product engineering, process scale-up, and regulations & safety. 

New market drivers in sustainability and increasing customization and personalization are driving rapid changes in product design and innovation across not only cosmetics and beauty but across the other consumer goods sectors such as homecare, foods, paints and coatings etc. These market drivers coupled with advances in biotechnology, AI and Machine Learning and automation are rapidly changing the way R&D and Product Development is done across these industries. The 5th ECCP meeting provides a unique opportunity to gain cross-industry learnings and networking amongst industrial R&D professionals, academics and startup entrepreneurs in these critical areas of advancement in formulation and product development.
Samiul Amin, University of Miami
The consumer goods industry is witnessing a wave of innovation to meet evolving consumer needs and preferences, driven by demands for product performance and sustainability goals. The Engineering Cosmetics and Consumer Products Conference offers a valuable platform for scientists, engineers, and educators to stay updated on the latest technologies and developments in consumer products space and engage in meaningful conversations that push boundaries of what's possible.
Kelly Dobos, University of Cincinnati

Funding Opportunity Available

Are you a Student interested in attending ECCP? You may be eligible for a grant to support some of your registration and travel costs.

2024 Session Topics

  • Engineering Solutions for Sustainable Production

  • Novel Materials for Sustainability

  • Regulations, Safety, and Compliance

  • Sustainability in Formulated Products

Conference Chairs

Conference Organizing Committee

  • Michael Boehm
    Mondelez Foods
  • Nancy Falk
    Nancy A Falk PhD Formulation Consulting LLC
  • James Gilchrist
    Lehigh University
  • Seher Ozkan
  • Parbhjyot Singh
    Cargill Beauty

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