Organizing Committee


  • Charles Paul, VP, Technology, Henkel Adhesives
  • Charles Roe, CTO, Co-Founder, AlgiSys
  • Wayne Tamarelli, Owner and President, AWT Private Investments

Organizing Committee:

  • Eric Breese, Evonik Venture Capital
  • Mark DeGrandpre, Head of Physical Sciences, Ben Franklin Technology Partners
  • Jim Gunton, Managing Partner, Tech Council Ventures
  • Mike Patterson, Director, Delaware Innovation Space
  • William Provine, President, CEO, Delaware Innovation Space
  • Purnesh Seegopaul, General Partner, Pangaea Ventures
  • Anna Lee Tonkovich, Managing Director, Tonkomo LLC
  • Bryan Tracy, CEO, White Dog Labs
  • Henry Uyeme, Founder/CEO, Intrida
  • Mark Vreeke, Co-Founder, Chemical Angel Network
  • Sid White, Founding Member, Chemical Angel Network
  • Stephan Wolf, Evonik Venture Capital