2019 Annual Student Conference Chem-E-Car Competition®

Sunday, November 10, 2019, 12:30pm-3:30pm EST


The AIChE Chem-E-Car Competition is sponsored by Chevron.

First Place Prize funded by the H. Scott Fogler Endowment.

2019 Annual Student Conference Chem-E-Car Competition® Results

1st Place: Virginia Tech

2nd Place: Missouri University of Science and Technology

3rd Place: University of North Alabama

4th Place: City College of New York

5th Place: NTU of Athen


The winners of the poster competition were University of Colorado Boulder, Kansas State University, University of Pittsburgh, Rutgers University, and Texas Tech.

The award for the best team name went to the Centro Uni Senai CIMATEC. Their team name was "AvaCar".

The Golden Tire Award went to Kansas State University. The most creative drive system plaque was awarded to Texas Tech and the SAChE Safety Award to Virginia Tech.

Missouri University of Science & Technology was awarded a plaque for the most consistent performance (0.19m and 0.25m), and the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez won the Spirit of Competition Award. The award for best video went to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Rutgers University received the award for outstanding sportsmanship.

Final Run Results

Final Runs 2019 Run #1 Run #2
Iowa State University 25 23.34
Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology 22.75 25
University of Florida 2.75 25
Oregon State University 25 25
Auburn University 25 23.32
California State University Long Beach 25 25
Missouri University of Science and Technology 0.19 0.25
University of New Mexico  25 25
China University of Petroleum-Beijing 11.9 19.48
Nanjing Tech University 18.6 25
Northwest University 2.28 1.86
Louisiana State University 25 25
MIT-World Peace University 22.56 25
University of North Alabama 0.23 0.49
University of Pittsburgh 25 3.87
Cal Poly Pomona 25 23.7
Kansas State University 13.71 16.74
Stony Brook University 22.82 25
Virginia Tech 19.91 0.09
University of Michigan 22.65 1.69
University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez 5.99 0.7
Texas Tech University 7.02 25
National Technical University of Athens 0.53 1.02
Centro Universitário SENAI CIMATEC  25 25
The City College of New York 0.33 5.82
Cornell University  4.78 2.22
Lamar University 24.08 25
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology 25 5.84
Lodz Univeristy of Technology 24.78 8.78
McGill University  25 25
Rutgers University 6.56 22.46
National Taiwan University 25 25
Northeastern University 5.54 22.46
Michigan State University 12.29 12.38
University of Toledo 25 25
Texas A&M at Qatar 13.21 24.29
The Ohio State University  5.93 6.81
Trine University 24.58 23.61
University of Illinois At Chicago 3.24 1.07
University of Colorado 25 25
University of California, Los Angeles 15.28 12.62
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Sede Bogotá   5.07 25

Rules & Forms

Chem-E-Car Competition Safety Training Course & Quiz

All participants in an AIChE Chem-E-Car Competition®  must take and pass the AIChE Chem-E-Car Safety Training Course with a minimum score of 80%. Remember to save your Certificate to include in the EDP. See more information about the Safety Training Course.

Chem-E-Car Competition Safety Inspection & Poster Competition

All teams are required to attend the Chem-E-Car Competition Safety Inspection & Poster Competion on Saturday November 9, 2019 at 3:30PM EST.  

Learn more

2018 Official Competition Video