Disability Unity Community Convocation | AIChE

The Disability Unity Community Convocation (DUCC) provides the AIChE community the opportunity to learn about the capabilities of its members with a history of a disability. Among the least-known attributes of those who have experience adapting to and often recovering from a condition which limits one or more major life activities is that besides demonstrating resilience and flexibility they also often acquire new skills based on those adaptations. There are plenty of reasons to more fully include professionals with such rare abilities into all corners of the chemical engineering profession. This particular DUCC session -- the first at an AIChE Spring Meeting -- deals with employment issues such as recruitment, retention, and re-entry related to professionals with a disability in the past or present.

The program will feature participants from AIChE and the American Chemical Society's (ACS) Chemists with Disabilities (CWD) committee.


  • Chris Pope, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Independent Researcher / Consultant in Chemical Engineering, Chair of AIChE's ChemE's with Disabilities Taskforce
  • Keri Gray, Director, Rising Leaders Initiatives, USBLN (U.S. Business Leadership Network)
  • John J. Johnston, Ph.D. in Food Science, MBA, Scientific Liaison, USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service, ACS Fellow and Past-Chair of ACS CWD Committee
  • Greg Pollock, HR, North America Diversity & Inclusion Lead, The Dow Chemical Company
  • Sandy Reyes, Esquire, EEO/AA/Diversity and Employee Relations Administrator for the State of Delaware