(746c) Water Proton NMR for Noninvasive Chemical and Pharmaceutical Analysis

Water is by far the dominant component of a pharmaceutical solution. As the solvent, water has extensive interactions with the drug and the excipients. Hence abnormalities of a drug product could be reflected in the water proton NMR signal. This forms the basis of using the 1H2O signal for noninvasive analysis of pharmaceutical solutions with desktop NMR spectrometers. Examples of using the 1H2O signal to quantify protein concentration, protein aggregation, surfactant micellization, dendrimer folding and nanoparticle formulation will be presented. The unique advantage of a water NMR analytical technique is the ability to inspect a sealed drug product without any tampering. This opens the door for quantitative inspection of every vial of a pharmaceutical solution in its entire lifecycle, from the point-of-release to the point-of-care.